This gay couple got married in a Wetherspoons pub and loved it

Two men from London have become the first same-sex couple to marry in a Wetherspoons pub.

John Foster, 39, married the love of his life Ozzy Da Silva, 48, in a flamboyant ceremony at the Knights Templar pub.

The two men, both hairdressers, had hoped to marry in a Camden nightclub, but the venue closed down just months before their special day.

They later asked around friends, who suggested the historic boozer as an ideal location.

Wethersoons (Photo: Gillian Evans)

The central London pub boasts gold-topped columns, palatial ceiling and even a statue in the centre of the bathroom.

In any other context it would probably be a very expensive wedding venue – but it happens to also be a JD Wetherspoons, and cost £3000.

John, who has been dating his new husband for one year, told inews: “You would never know it’s a Wetherspoon,” he said. “It was like ‘Oh my god – I’m walking into Buckingham Palace.’

“It was just a wow factor – better than what the nightclub was.

“You’ve got the balconies, the big chandelier – and because it was a Wetherspoon the drinks were cheaper!”

The pair went full-on showbiz for their big day – filling the Camden Wetherspoons with drag queens and women on stilts with pink feathers.

Wetherspoons (Photo: Gillian Evans)

“I think weddings should be fun,” he said, “and with the venue you can make it whatever you want.

“You can have traditional, you can make it fun and all the staff you can’t fault – they were so accommodating.

“When I said I found a place people they said they know it, it’s beautiful, but they didn’t know it holds weddings, which is a shame because it’s so beautiful.

“People are just shocked about the venue. They were like, I can’t believe it’s a Wetherspoon.

“The main thing they are going on about is the toilets – they put sofas in and fountains and everything.”