New dating site for Donald Trump fans which blocks gay people will let you in if you’re married

A new dating site for fans of Donald Trump bans anyone looking for same-sex relationships.

When signing up to, users are asked if they are a “Straight Man” or “Straight Woman”.

There are no other options.


However, when going through the next step of the process to join “the World’s Premier Dating Network”, users can choose to identify themselves as “Happily Married”.

Trump has been accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels to stay quiet about an alleged affair he had with her while he was married to his current wife Melania Trump.


Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen has said he gave Daniels $130,000 of his own money a month before the 2016 election, but would not say what the money was for or whether Trump reimbursed him.

The dating site uses the slogan “Make Dating Great Again!” and tells users to “Find The America First Partner Of Your Dreams”.

“We’re wrecking the dating game and giving like-minded Americans a chance to meet without the awkwardness that comes with the first conversation about politics,” it continues.

“Wouldn’t it be refreshing to already know that your date roots for the same team?”

Under the heading “When Political Foundation Is The Same, The Sky Is The Limit”, the site explains: “We believe that by matching patriotic and political viewpoints as a base foundation of the relationship, it will allow one to focus on what really matters – conversation, commonalities, and if all goes well, courting.” contains hundreds of profiles, with usernames like CatherineMAGA, TrumpMAGA1776, trumpsgf, magasweetheart and DaddyTrumpsGirl.


The last of these describes herself as “a young girl trying to find a good Christian man who loves Trump, guns, and God.”

Users say they’re all over the world, everywhere from the UK to Cambodia and Brazil to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The tiny British overseas territory has a population of around 35,000 – and apparently 16 of them are on

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 12: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with state and local officials to unveil his administration's long-awaited infrastructure plan in the State Dining Room at the White House February 12, 2018 in Washington, DC. The $1.5 trillion plan to repair and rebuild the nation's crumbling highways, bridges, railroads, airports, seaports and water systems is funded with $200 million in federal money with the remaining 80 percent coming from state and local governments. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


It is however possible to self-identify your location on the site, even though it’s not possible to select your sexuality if you’re anything but heterosexual.

The site has been set up by Friends Worldwide, Inc., company based in Miami Beach, Florida, which started up in November 2011 to provide dating services.

It tells users that “since 2001, our portfolio of top rated sites has represented over 75 diverse dating communities based upon the personal interests and unique lifestyle choices of our members.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. - JANUARY 16: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan in the Oval Office of the White House January 16, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)


The company also assures you: “Our members are real people looking for real connections.

“Unlike many other sites, Friends Worldwide is not filled with fraudulent profiles or scammers in other countries looking to take your money or get you to fall for a scam.”

PinkNews was able to quickly create a profile for “asdasdh”, a 38-year-old from Palikir, Micronesia who is “Happily Married”.


Aside from Trump, there are also numerous other examples of married anti-gay Republicans who have been mired in scandal.

Married Republican Ohio congressman Wes Goodman, who has a long history of campaigning against LGBT rights, resigned last year after being caught having gay sex in his office.

Republican lawmaker Blake Farenthold, who has said marriage is “too sacred” for gay people, reportedly used $84,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment suit brought by an employee while he was married.

Blake Fahrenthold

And married Republican Oklahoma state Senator Ralph Shortey resigned and pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking after telling a 17-year-old prostitute he wanted to have sex with his “boy pussy”.

At least one person on is hoping against hope that the whole premise isn’t real. Gayintruder555 has written in his profile: “hello fellow straights please tell me this is a joke”.


Perhaps, just like our current political situation, it’s both terrifyingly real and a joke.