Someone tried to tell LGBTQ+ Mardi Gras goers that ‘Jesus saves’

A skywriting plane wrote “Jesus saves” in the sky over Sydney’s Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras.

The unwelcome message was left to near half a million people at the 40th annual event.

Over 200 floats with 12,000 official people made their way down Sydney’s gay village, Oxford Street.


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Approximately 1,000 police officers were out in full force to protect the Pride-goers.

Those at the festival could not be protected from the unsavoury message that was written in the sky by an unknown person.

Taking to Twitter, many bashed the person who paid for the message.

“Nice touch from Christian conservatives yesterday.


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“They spent $$$ skywriting “Jesus Saves” above Sydney harbour.

“Translation: Happy Mardi Gras, you’re all going to hell. Poisonous people,” one person wrote.

Another added: “hey happy march the 3rd to everyone except the Christian homophobic arseholes who paid to skywrite ‘Jesus saves’ over at the gay and lesbian mardi gras in Sydney.”

Others thought that the message was laughable, given that it had started to fade by the time it was written.


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One person wrote: “Ok so someone has written “Jesus saves” in the skies over Sydney on Mardi Gras day, but the plane was really slow and the first letters faded by the time it finished, so now it more looks like “sus saves”.”

Others joked that Jesus was definitely not at the event.

“‘Jesus Saves’ written in gigantic letters over Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

“They reckon Jesus was at mardi gras? Trust me. He’s nowhere near it,” one person quipped.

Another added that the sign was “awkward” but “maybe its a sign?”