Iconic black lesbian Black Lightning star Nafessa Williams speaks out about “wave” of diverse representation in film

Black Lightning star Nafessa Williams has said that the creation and support of black superheroes in Hollywood has resulted in an exciting “wave” of representation that is only just getting started.

The star, who plays lesbian black superhero and daughter of Black Lightning Thunder, said that there has been a seismic shift towards black representation onscreen as she spoke to a journalist as she passed through LAX airport.

Black Panther, which grossed more than $1bn at the box office, has heralded a new wave of cinematic representation said Williams – and it’s a tide that’s going to keep on turning.

“I’m so proud of everyone involved with that [Black Panther]. It’s going to shift right now and the shift has happened for black superheroes in particular. I’m proud to be a part of the wave,” she said to TMZ News.


“With the rise of Black Panther and Black Lightning, and all of the black superhero shows that are going on, these are just the first of many I believe. I believe we’ll see a lot more, and again, it’s a wave right now, and I’m excited to be part of it.

“I think we’re gonna see a whole lot more of what we’re seeing. With the rise of Black Panther, it will only help.

And if nothing else, these are projects for our culture, for our people – it’s nice to see the representation of ourselves on film. So, wahey!” said the star.

The superhero, whose real name in the show is Anissa Pierce, is “timely and necessary,” according to Williams.

When the actor stepped into her role, it was described as “history being made”.

Although a romance between Danai Gurira’s Okoye and Florence Kasumba’s Ayo was on the cards for Black Panther, the lesbian love scene never made it to screen.

“The nature of the relationship between Danai Gurira’s Okoye and Florence Kasumba’s Ayo in Black Panther is not a romantic one,” a Marvel spokesperson reached out to state.