John Oliver’s gay version of a story about Mike Pence’s bunny is outselling the book it’s parodying

John Oliver’s hilarious pro-LGBT version of a children’s story about Vice President Mike Pence’s rabbit is outselling the original book.

The comedian took aim at Pence on the latest episode of his HBO show Last Week Tonight, criticising the Vice President for his anti-LGBT views and his support of Donald Trump.

As part of a wider segment about the Vice President, Oliver announced the release of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo”.

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The book parodied a children’s story released by Pence’s family about their rabbit, Marlon Bundo – but Oliver’s team beat the Pences’ release date by a day.

And the book championed by Oliver, about a gay rabbit with a rainbow bow-tie who falls in love, is now the number-one bestseller on Amazon – three places above the Pences’ book.

Not only is it outselling the original, but the Last Week Tonight book has more than 3,000 five-star ratings, whereas the Pence book has a mere 56 reviews.


Illustrated by Karen Pence, the wife of the Vice President, and written by their daughter Charlotte, their book is called Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President.

Oliver hit out at the book’s upcoming tour, which will involve a stop with Focus on the Family, a group which has promoted gay ‘cure’ therapy.

He explained that the Pences’ family rabbit was the “most likeable thing about an otherwise unlikable man”.


When Oliver introduced the book, he said: “Now, there are a few small differences between the two books… Our Marlon Bundo is gay.”

The comedian then described the story as a “very special boy bunny who falls in love with another boy bunny.”

The online description reads: “Meet Marlon Bundo, a lonely bunny who lives with his Grampa, Mike Pence – the Vice President of the United States. But on this Very Special Day, Marlon’s life is about to change forever…


“With its message of tolerance and advocacy, this charming children’s book explores issues of same-sex marriage and democracy.

“Sweet, funny, and beautifully illustrated, this book is dedicated to every bunny who has ever felt different.”

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During the show, Oliver revealed a teaser for a Marlon Bundo audiobook, which features celebrities Jim Parsons, Ellie Kemper, RuPaul, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and is now available online.

According to the publisher, the proceeds from Oliver’s book will go to two LGBT charities, The Trevor Project and AIDS United.

This isn’t the first time Oliver has used his show to highlight LGBT issues.

The British-born comedian has previously hit out at transphobia and while explaining the battle for trans rights in the US.


During the now-viral segment on trans rights, he said: “Some transgender people do go undergo hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery as part of their hormone therapy.

“Some do not.

“And interestingly, their decision on this matter is, medically speaking, none of your f***ing business.”

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On a recent St Patrick’s Day visit to Georgia, protesters welcomed the divisive Vice President — by covering the town in rainbow flags.

One local business owner referred to Pence as Satan, saying that he had dressed up his business for the “unwelcome visit of the Prince of Darkness”.

Watch John Oliver talk to Ellen about the book here: