Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme tells ‘racist, homophobic jerks’ to stop listening to his music

Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme has told “homophobic jerks” not to bother listening to the band’s music.

The comments from the rock band frontman come in anti-bullying documentary #NoJoke, which also features actors Jane Lynch and Patrick Stewart.

According to NME, he said: “I’ve always tried to weed the bullies out of our audience, you know, because I don’t want them there, our music is not for you.

“If you’re a racist, misogynist, homophobic jerk, we’re not for you, you can go.”

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for KROQ)

He added: “When you need help, you should ask for it, and there’s somebody that’s going to be there for you, whether it’s a family member or a friend or someone you don’t know that is in a similar position that has that empathy, that understands. There are people out there so, so it’s never over, all is never lost.”

“There are people out there so, so it’s never over, all is never lost.”

He added: “I think too that with the internet and technologies of today, I ask the question, have you ever seen anybody take anything off the internet?

“So be careful what you put up on the internet, and if you’re being bullied on the internet, let it go. There’s a whole world out there that isn’t connected to the internet.

“When you do well in a field like music or film, in the arts, the better you do the more people like you, and an equal amount of people hate you.

“I never read about myself on the internet, and the reason is because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change what has been done, and it does not change what will be done.

“Who gives a f**k about Facebook, man? If you have a real life, that doesn’t need to be a component of your life if you’re being bullied.”

Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The band has previously collaborated with Sir Elton John, and also features on his upcoming album Revamp, on which they cover ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’.

Recalling his first encounter with Sir Elton previously, Homme said: “”All of a sudden I get a phone call at my house on a Sunday.

“I picked up and he said: ‘Hello Josh, this is Elton.’ I thought someone was messing with me. He said, ‘The only thing missing from your band is an actual queen!’ I said, ‘Honey, you have no idea’.”