Man cancels his TV license because there are too many ‘f***ing gay boys’

Representation of gay people in the media has improved a great deal in recent years, with many gay stars breaking into the mainstream.

But more than 30 years after the first same-sex kiss on primetime TV, one Twitter user has declared that the strain of television shows that reflect the real world has all become too much.

Bryan Eastwood, a Brighton Football Club supporter, became so outraged at gay people on TV that he now refuses to watch any TV at all.

An irate Mr Eastwood took to social media to lament that “every f***ing Channel I put on is f***ing gay boys”, asking: “Are there NO normal people left out there ????”

He specifically singled out shows A Place in the Sun, Dinner Date, Four in a Bed and Come Dine with Me as being overrun with gay people, adding that he’s “getting really pissed off with this #LGBT being stuffed in our faces at every opportunity.”

One user agreeably replied to his post to say that television is now just “politically correct brainwashing”.

Responding, Mr Eastwood, who says he voted for Brexit, shared a photo of a letter terminating his TV license, meaning he can longer legally switch his television on.

The post soon caught the eye of ‘gay Twitter’, and Mr Eastwood has since been inundated with GIFs of same-sex couples kissing, rainbows and Drag Race references.

Some users have also sent him images of Beyonce.

The post has so far received more than 300 responses, almost all of them pro-LGBT comments, images and GIFs.

And while Mr Eastwood might feel LGBT representation has gone too far, many experts argue diversity in the media still has some way to go, especially for transgender people.

The BBC has warned production companies that it won’t commission shows unless they employ a representative amount of ethnic minorities, the disabled and LGBT people.

And a report by GLAAD found that LGBTQ+ people are either invisible or used as punchlines in big Hollywood films.