Bisexual YouTuber Alex G has proposed to her girlfriend in the cutest way

Bisexual YouTuber Alex G has got engaged to her girlfriend after an adorable proposal.

The openly bi singer, who has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, announced on Monday that she has taken the huge step with her partner, poet Torri Horness.

Writing on Instagram, Alex G – whose real name is Alex Gronlund – said: “Ok. So this happened. Yesterday morning I asked my best friend to marry me.


“She is my person. She is love embodied. And I canNOT WAIT for a beautiful adventure of a life with her,” she continued.

“There are so many more things to say but I don’t seem to have words for them right now. Omg. We’re engaged human people!”


Then she revealed the impulsive decision was made because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

“Also her ring is a little piece of string right now because they are temporarily out of the ring I wanted and I just couldn’t wait to propose,” she wrote.


“I think it’s pretty cute ☺️ GUYS WHAT OMG”.

On Tuesday, Alex posted another photo of her new fiancee, commenting: “GUYS WOW I’M ENGAGED TO HER ” with the hashtags “#queerlove #lgbt #engaged #timetoparty #wowshespretty.”

The YouTuber, who made the proposal just days after her birthday, came out on the site last year.

She told her audience that Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood had been a large influence on her.


“Seeing Evan Rachel Wood talk was the first time I had seen myself in someone else who claimed bisexual as their identity,” said Alex.

“And I was like: ‘Whoa, I guess it’s like, okay to say that I’m bisexual?’


“That makes sense to me. This makes sense for who I am.”

It has been a wonderful year for heartwarming gay proposals and weddings.

Right at the start of 2018, actress and activist Ellen Page married her long-term partner Emma Portner.

This was followed by Princess Diaries star Heather Matarazzo getting engaged to her girlfriend, fellow actress and comedian Heather Turman.


In February, Texan lesbian couple Tori and Berkley – who planned to surprise each other with a proposal – accidentally planned it for the same day, and it was adorable.

Abby and Tom from Queer Eye got engaged in March after a turbulent rollercoaster of a few weeks.

In the same month, Demi Lovato invited two of her friends on stage at a concert to get engaged.