This viral hashtag shows how beautiful LGBT people are in the sunshine

Summer is rapidly approaching — at least in the northern hemisphere — and the latest Twitter hashtag will warm your soul as the weather warms everything else.

Many parts of the world have been blessed with some unseasonably warm weather over the last few days, prompting many social media users to immediately complain about the heat or panic buy suntan lotion.

Gay Twitter had a slightly different reaction.

As well as blessing us with the surprising origins of an emoji, LGBT Twitter users began the hashtag #LGBTQsunshine  in response to the bit of sun.

The tag quickly went viral on Twitter, with many users showing just how beautiful LGBTQ people are in the sunshine.

Some used the hashtag to inspire other users with their glow-ups and life lessons.

(Photo: @MikeRizzi / Twitter)

“Focus on what makes you different, there’s so much power in that.”

Other people knew their way around a pun and showed off their fabulous selfies.

(Photo: @Rhododobird / Twitter)

“Your local gay of sunshine,” one hashtag user wrote.

Others showed off all sides of their personality in the sunny hashtag.

(Photo: @RickyJCeliz / Twitter)

The surge of seasonal LGBTQ bonding continued for several days, with many of the tweets gaining thousands of likes and retweets.

Staying inside didn’t stop some people from enjoying the sun and the hashtag with some wonderful selfies.

(Photo: @cathxgrace / Twitter)

Even people kept out of the sun due to hayfever and allergies jumped aboard. Not even allergies can stop a great LGBTQ hashtag like this.

(Photo: @lallabygaskarth / Twitter)

One user wrote: “The sky here is as clear as my love for boys.”

Some people were just excited to have another viral gay hashtag on their feeds.

(Photo: @theshowkidrjl / Twitter)

“Another gay tag yes,” another person wrote.

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2018 has already brought a whole host of wonderful hashtags from with a host of inspirational and educational trends along with some absolutely iconic ones.

Hundreds of trans and non-binary people used the hashtag “this is what non-binary looks like” as part of the annual Trans Day of Visibility to represent the misunderstood gender identity.

However, some hashtags go viral for slightly different reasons.

Earlier in the month, a hashtag about rimming went viral, because Twitter is an absolute joy.

#FineMenThatEatAss took over Twitter, with gay men coming out to share their preference and selfies with the world.

Some Twitter users were slightly confused, but people were ready to set the record straight – so to speak.

One person wrote: “The str8s thought that #FineMenThatEatAss was for them?!!”


Never change, Twitter, never change.