Labour candidate apologises for sharing video criticising tolerance of ‘illegal’ homosexuality

A Labour candidate in Milton Keynes has apologised for sharing a video from a Muslim preacher criticising homosexuality.

Kashif Raza is a Labour council candidate in the Shenley Brook End ward of Milton Keynes, a key battleground in May 5’s local elections.

The candidate came under fire from his Conservative rivals today over a video he shared on his Facebook page from a Muslim preacher in October.

The rap-style video, produced by Australian Muslim group OnePath Network, features a man criticising Western society in the ‘end of days.’

The preacher says: “These are the days your Prophet warned you about… when intoxicants are consumed in the most despicable way, and illegal sexuality becomes okay.”

It also criticises women who wear make-up, adding: “Our dear sisters can’t come out except with their face caked as they gossip and backbite, dressed all tight. What if this was your last night?”

The video led to criticism from Conservatives who challenged the candidate over his views.

He has since removed the video.

In a statement to the Milton Keynes Citizen, Raza said: “I think it is right that all of us, especially those of us putting ourselves forward for public office are held accountable for what we post on social media.

“A video I shared on my private timeline last year has been highlighted to me as it included comments that were offensive. As we do too often today, I shared the video without watching the full content of it and I do not agree with it. I have learnt from this experience and will make sure to apply due level of scrutiny before sharing things on social media in the future.

“I have since deleted the video. I want to apologise unreservedly for my actions and for the hurt and offence that it has caused.

“My faith is very important to me as a practicing Muslim, but my faith does not in any way dissuade my support for society that is open, fair and tolerant to all – regardless of faith, socioeconomic background, race, gender or sexuality. Labour’s values of equality and social justice are the reason I joined the party.

“I sincerely regret sharing anything that may have let people to doubt the importance to which I hold such values.”

The video has received more than 3.7 million views on OnePath Network’s channel.