Indian doctor claims that homosexuality ‘can be cured, like cancer and AIDS’

A doctor in India has prompted a backlash by comparing homosexuality to AIDS and cancer.

Titus P Varghese, who practises in Kozhikode, a city in the southern state of Kerala as a “sexologist and psychologist,” has also said that he can “cure” homosexuality.

On his website, Varghese offers “psycho-sexual personality development programmes.”

(Dr.Titus P Varghese/facebook)

But he boasts that these treatments are “drugless” and “shockless” – so his patients won’t get electrocuted, we guess.

The doctor also has more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he has posted dozens of videos with titles like “Treatment for homosexuality,” “WET DREAMS,” “bestiality,” “Necrophilia” and “Lesbianism.”

The videos on the channel, called “Sex and Health,” have been viewed a combined total of more than 14 million times.

(Dr.Titus P Varghese/facebook)

In them, he has said he can “treat” homosexuality and even “correct the problem.”

According to Varghese, people are not born gay, but become homosexual due to childhood experiences.

He repeatedly says that homosexuality is not a disease, but also insists that he can “cure the problem.”

In a 2016 video, he tells his viewers: “Homosexuality, like the media claims, is not a big thing at all. Homosexuality is not a disease but is a behavioural change based on our experiences in childhood.

(Dr.Titus P Varghese/facebook)

“If a sexologist or a psychologist cannot correct a simple thing as homosexuality, then what kind of a sexologist is he?

“Homosexuality is not a disease, but is a simple behavioural peculiarity that a sexologist can easily treat.

“Nowadays, even cancer and AIDS can be cured,” he said, inaccurately. Neither HIV/AIDS nor cancer can be cured.

“Then why can’t we change homosexual behaviour?” asked Varghese.

“Because people are not trying to. But if a person wants to cure his homosexual behaviour, then who are we to tell him not to?

(Dr.Titus P Varghese/facebook)

“It is very easy to correct this, when events and experiences that influenced a person to become a homosexual are altered.”

In a 2017 video, the doctor explains his theory of how men turn gay.

He says: “Only a man who is not influenced by his father, psychically or mentally, can think about another man – who belongs to the same sex as that of his father – in a sexual way.

“This means a person who shows homosexual traits has a weak relationship with his father. This is a fact,” he continues.

“In most cases, the youngest son in a family turns out to be homosexual. This is because the youngest son is mostly more attached to his mother than to his father.

(Dr.Titus P Varghese/facebook)

“In such boys, the figure of their father becomes weak and so there is no barrier for him to think about another man in a sexual way. So when a man touches him, he will comply, because he will not feel like resisting it.”

He adds that there is another kind of homosexual, who likes being gay – but he dismisses this type of person.

“That is one type. Another type is people who enjoy homosexuality. Those people want to propagate it,” says the doctor.

“But people who want to move away from homosexuality can be cured with treatment,” he adds.

A formal complaint has been raised against the doctor, according to The News Minute.

Earlier this month, a professor in Kerala caused a stir across the world when he said that women who wear jeans and other stereotypically male clothes will give birth to trans children.

Dr Rajith Kumar, a lecturer at Sree Sankara College, also said that children born to parents who break gender stereotypes will have autism.

In March, West Bengal education minister Partha Chatterjee said there were no lesbians in his schools, because that would be “against the ethos” of his state.

(Facebook/Partha Chatterjee)

This was despite the region having a population of more than 90 million.

He made the statement after 10 students in Kolkata were allegedly forced to sign a letter ‘confessing’ that they were lesbians.