The Voice just had its first ever same-sex marriage proposal and it was beautiful

The Voice Australia has made history – playing host to the TV franchise’s first ever same-sex marriage proposal.

Contestant Nathan Brake wanted to make the most of his time in front of judges Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem, Joe Jonas and Boy George.

After successfully performing his song for the judges, the singer decided to call his unsuspecting boyfriend of six years, Mitchell Baines, on to the stage.

Brake told the judges he had another major decision to make while he was there.

Thanking his other half for being “a constant support for [him] over these past six years,” Brake, 26, then dropped down on one knee as the crowd gasped and he posed the question, “Will you marry me?”

Responding with a passionate “Yes!”, Boy George and the fellow judges leapt to their feet to congratulate the happy couple.

The emotional moment comes just months after marriage equality was legalised in Australia following a nationwide ballot.

The husband-to-be told Daily Mail Australia that his “cheeks hurt from smiling,” adding that he hopes his public proposal on television would inspire “complete acceptance in society” for same-sex marriage.

He also admitted only deciding to pop the question during his audition the night before, saying the whole experience “feels like a bit of a blur.”

“Looking back on it now, there was just so much happening. I just remember my cheeks hurt from smiling. I went from fear to then excitement then to joy,” he recalled.

The TV singer added that the national debate over marriage rights had made him more committed to proposing in such a public way.

“I had kind of been thinking about proposing just because of the whole experience of the postal marriage thing and how divisive that was,” said Brake.

He continued, “I just thought that would be the perfect opportunity – if I was to turn some chairs, why not elevate that experience by sharing it with Mitchell?”

“I feel like now that the survey happened and the results came through with a positive answer, people can watch this and really feel happy and excited that this is the direction the country is going in and I can actually pledge my love on this platform without any worries.”

He added: “I’m really hoping that when people see this, it’s just one step forward of complete acceptance in society.”