First Dates viewers slam gay participants over ‘internalised homophobia’

First Dates viewers are outraged at a gay man who says he wants a “straight-acting” boyfriend.

The Channel 4 episode featured two gay men who go on a date in the First Dates restaurant – but viewers say it screams “internalised homophobia.”

Teacher and football fanatic Jack, 27, went on a date with graphic designer Joe, 26, who said he has been single “basically since I came out.”

Many viewers have slammed a comment made by Joe, who said he wishes he could find a “straight-acting” boyfriend.

“For me, the perfect person is – for want of a better term, and this is a very controversial term in the gay community – I want them to be straight-acting,” he said to camera.

He later said: “When you find a gay that likes football, it is like finding a KitKat that is just all chocolate and I’m like, ‘I have won this.’”

One viewer, Matt Horwood, tweeted: “The only thing ‘gay acting’ about anyone is what we do in the bedroom. Otherwise that term is a homophobic construct and it must be stopped!”

Another viewer slammed the show for “internalised homophobia at its finest.”

During the date, the pair discussed their love for football before appearing to mock femme gay men.

Joe paid Jack a compliment, before Jack replied in a camp voice: “Oh, stop it you big flirt.”

They later discussed their shared difficulty in finding someone who matched their type.


Joe and Jack on their date (Channel 4)

Joe explained: “It’s difficult to date, I find, because I’m very precise and particular with what I’m looking for – and it’s generally not a gay guy.”

Jack then finished his date’s sentences as he said: “What I’m looking for is a straight guy who just so happens to be gay.”

Joe then opened up about repressing his sexuality and not having anyone to turn to for help.


“Lads, lads, lads, lads” (Channel 4)

He said: “I found it really tough, it ruined about four years of my life.

“It was just so f***ing lonely. I just didn’t know anyone who’s gone through it.”

The pair ended their date with a cuddle and kiss on the sofa outside the First Dates restaurant.


(Channel 4)

Before the end of the episode, both men said they would like to see each other again – to which Joe shouted, “Lads, lads, lads, lads!”

Earlier this year, Channel 4 featured a trans man on its dating show.

Nick, from Glasgow, told PinkNews: “It’s very rare to see a trans man on TV.

I only see a lot about trans women on TV shows like Orange is the New Black. I’ve never seen anything major about trans men.”