Deadpool is angry at Eurovision – and it’s hilarious

Pansexual superhero and all-round badass Deadpool is mad about Eurovision.

In a typically topical and humorous new promo for Deadpool 2 – which comes out on May 16 – Ryan Reynolds’ charming character takes on a new foe: Canada’s inability to enter the best singing contest on earth.

A total of 43 countries have entered Eurovision this year – and before you say Canada isn’t European enough to take part, Deadpool and other fans of the annual competition will tell you that Australia, Azerbaijan and Israel fit in just fine.

Israel’s 2017 entry (Eurovision Song Contest/YouTube)

Plus, Canadian icon Céline Dion entered Eurovision 1988 with Switzerland – and won.

Deadpool raises this point and more in a frankly convincing video which opens with some tub-thumping patriotism on behalf of the country which gave the world Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Canada, a beautiful country steeped in rich, musical history that includes the likes of Adams, Bieber, Young, Bublé, Shatner,” the hero says against a backdrop of natural and man-made landscapes.

(20th Century Fox/youtube)

“And yet, we’ve been snubbed by that European singsong competition thing you guys lose your s**t over.”

While the country’s national anthem – which is now gender-neutral – continues to play, Reynolds keeps up his tirade.

“Our generous gift of Céline Dion alone should earn us an invite,” he says – which seems fair.

(20th Century Fox/youtube)

Dion also features on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, with her song “Ashes” sitting alongside tracks by Cher, Sia and Erasure, among other stars.

The video for Dion’s ballad includes Deadpool dancing elegantly on stage in high heels.

The pansexual hero then pre-empts viewers’ objections, saying: “Don’t give me that crap about Canada not being part of the European family.

(20th Century Fox/youtube)

“You let in Australia and they’re barely on the planet.

“Well, it stops now, Europe. You’ve awakened a sleeping moose,” continues the star.

“All the strength of our ‘military’– legally I have to use air quotes – but traffic cones and affordable healthcare will be coming at you. Hard.”

(20th Century Fox/youtube)

Deadpool 2 will feature a bisexual, polyamorous superhero in the shape of Shatterstar, who has appeared in Marvel comics since 1991.

Speculation over his potential role in the film was sparked after a trailer appeared to show him behind Reynolds and Terry Crews’ characters.

Stefan Kapičić, who plays Colossus, confirmed that both Crews and Shatterstar will be in the sequel, saying: “That’s not CGI of Terry Crews, that is Terry Crews. You can see it clearly.


“You can see behind him, Shatterstar, a really cool thing for people to geek out.”

And we now know that Lewis Tan, who played Zhou Cheng in Marvel’s Iron Fist, will play the time-travelling mutant human, who in the comics travels from his alien planet Mojoworld and also through time.

Watch Deadpool’s fantastic video below: