LGBT group sacks Democrat who attempted to ‘out’ Governor of Alabama

An LGBT group has retracted a job offer to Democratic lawmaker Patricia Todd, after she attempted to ‘out’ Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey.

Patricia Todd, who was the first openly gay lawmaker elected to Alabama’s legislature, took to social media to vent about Ivey’s perceived hypocrisy after the Governor lashed out at LGBT rights.

Todd wrote: “Will someone out her for God’s sake….I have heard for years that she is gay and moved her girlfriend out of her house when she became Gov. I am sick of closeted elected officials.”

Patricia Todd

Ivey, who is up for election this year, branded the claim a “disgusting lie” – and Todd suffered a sustained backlash in the wake of the comments.

Todd, who is about to retire form politics, was lined up to become executive director of the One Orlando Alliance – however, the LGBT rights group has now retracted the employment offer.

She was due to begin her new role on June 1, but the board voted unanimously to withdraw the job offer.

Jennifer Foster, chair of the board of directors, said: “The Board affirms that Ms. Todd’s recent comments are not aligned with the values of One Orlando Alliance. We strongly believe that coming out is a personal choice and we do not support involuntarily outing.

“This has been a challenging situation. While Ms. Todd has a well-established record of outstanding service to the community, her lapse in judgment has led us to end our relationship with her.

“We admire her many decades of exemplary service and believe that, with the right opportunity, Ms. Todd will continue to use her many talents to make significant progress advocating for justice and equality.”

Kay Ivey

“While our community has experienced great challenges, this is an opportunity for growth. Our community stands firmly in our conviction that love and inclusivity are the pathways to equality and justice for all.

“The right leader will surface. Together, we will continue to grow stronger and more unified as a result of this.”

Christopher J. Cuevas, of One Orlando Alliance member organization QLatinx added: “Weaponizing queerness through the act of outing others is a violation of the sacred rite that we as queer people undergo in our journey of self-discovery.

“It is a form of psychic and emotional violence; a violence that robs one of their ability to self-actualize and manifest their truth; a violence that hinders the fostering of fellowship and community; a violence that calls into question our ability to see the value in trusting others with our authentic self.

“When our humanity is violated in this way, how can we find space to begin healing in self and to promote the healing and growth of others?”

Todd is standing by her actions.

She told the Birmingham News: “I hate hypocrites.

“It’s an identity issue… I’ll catch some flak for it, but I feel a responsibility – not as the ‘head queer’ – to hold people accountable.”

Todd says she has no proof of Ivey’s sexuality, but encouraged reporters to “ask her directly if she has ever had a relationship with a woman.”

Ivey, who has had “two unsuccessful marriages” in the past according to a previous newspaper bio, responded to the allegations in a statement.

The Governor wrote: “This most recent personal attack against me is beyond disgraceful. It’s a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid left wing liberal political operative.

“There is absolutely no truth to it. It’s false. It’s wrong. It’s a bald faced lie. And I’m not gonna let them get away with it.

“Whether these attacks are malicious or ignorant or both – they represent everything that’s wrong with politics today.”