This beautiful rainbow-coloured snake is a Pride month gift

Snake, the inimitable word of the year, doesn’t normally indicate the nicest of things.

Since the dawn of time, the word snake indicates an underhand craftiness borrowed from something mildly satanic – or possibly that you’re just a bit of an arse when you date people.

But it appears that we can make one welcome exception to the rule: Twitter user @painthands’ pet Pride snake.

The snake, which is owned by @painthands and lives in the States, has been described by her owner as a “gorgeous Pride snake.”

Originally posted with the caption “can you believe mother nature decided to go this hard?”, @painthands when on to describe how the shimmering snake has such a queer-themed kaleidoscope of colours.

She explained that the snake is a sunbeam snake, which has iridescent scales which create a shimmering rainbow reflection.

“She is a sunbeam snake, Xenopeltis unicolor, a nonvenomous colubrid originating from southeast Asia,” wrote the user.

“Though these snakes are dazzling they are 99% wild caught imports that are very difficult to keep alive in captivity. They can die from stress. NOT for beginner snake owners!!!” she warned.

“Sunbeams are imported full of parasites and often diseased & need lots of medicine and vet care in order to have any chance of surviving in captivity. They have really specific care requirements & can’t be handled often. They are not good eaters & are almost always hiding,” she continued.

“I do not recommend these as pets unless you are an experienced and committed snake owner!! Please do as much research as possible before purchasing any new reptile. Thank u for appreciating my gorgeous pride snake ,” she added.

Queer Twitter went wild in response to the Pride month themed snake.

“My Slytherin ass during Pride month,” joked one user.

“Confirmed: Mother Nature hella gay,” quipped another.

Shimmering rainbow snake, we applaud you.