Sense8 finale: 12 things fans want to see happen in the two-and-a-half hour special

We’re sure going to miss Sense8. It was an all-mighty blow back in June of last year – during Pride Month, no less – when Netflix announced it had cancelled the life-affirming, diversity-celebrating sci-fi drama, created by the Wachowskis, due to its low ratings.

But thankfully, inspired by the passionate uproar from viewers that have adored Sense8 since it premiered in 2015, the streaming service agreed to bring it back. (If only in the form of a two-and-a-hour special that would aim to wrap things up in a rainbow-coloured bow and give Riley, Will, Nomi and co the proper send-off they deserve).

As expected, the ultimate finale has a lot of pressure resting on its metaphorical shoulders and due to it coming about because of the fans, it’s going to have to make sure it pleases them.

Back in January, Naveen Andrews, who stars as sensate Jonas in the show, claimed that “in terms of that final push that [they] put into it, [fans] should be happy with it” and that “there is a satisfying ending.” But what is it that the viewers actually want to see? Ahead of the episode landing on 8 June, we attempt to compile a wish list…

Wolfgang being rescued

Wolfgang was captured by the BPO at the end of Sense8’s second season (Netflix/YouTube)

In the last few moments of Sense8’s second season, Wolfgang Bogdanow (Max Riemelt) was captured by the Biological Preservation Organisation (BPO). Judging by the its trailer, which was released back in May, the finale is going to centre around the other members of the August 8 cluster trying to rescue him. Not that we had any doubt whether they would or not!

It seems fairly likely that the sensates will succeed but it’s still exciting going into the finale having no idea how they might go about doing so. They’re up against a pretty formidable enemy when it comes to the BPO so our favourites are certainly going to have their work cut out for them this time round.

Nomi and Amanita getting married

Nomi and Amanita are one of the best couples on the show… and we want to see them tie the knot! (Netflix/YouTube)

Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) and Amanita Caplan (Freema Agyeman) are the epitome of couple goals. Since the beginning, they have supported one another and acted as support systems for almost all of the other members of Nomi’s sensate cluster.

In season two, they adorably proposed to one another at the same time. It stands to reason that we’ll the loved-up ladies get hitched in the finale!

If there’s anything that Sense8 does brilliantly – and boy, it does a lot of things brilliantly – it’s making its queer relationships feel just as important as its straight ones. So what better way to honour that than with a lesbian wedding!

Lila Facchini, and her cluster, getting their comeuppance

Fans want to see Lila and her cluster go down (Netflix/YouTube)

Lila Facchini is the worst. She was introduced during the show’s second season and quickly struck up a relationship with Wolfgang, whom she shared a strong connection with. She regularly taunted Wolfie, appearing to him when he wasn’t keen on her doing so and encouraging him to think the way she thinks about sensates dominating areas like Berlin.

Later, it came to light that she was the right hand woman of German crime lord Sebastian Fuchs and a sensate. That’s not all either, her and her cluster were revealed to be in cahoots with the BPO, helping them to capture other clusters in exchange for their protection and freedom.

Finding out who the Chairman is

Who is the Chairman of the BPO? We need to know! (Netflix/YouTube)

The BPO have been a dark presence in the lives of the sensates since the show’s pilot episode but relatively little is known about the corporation. We know that Mr. Whispers is one of their lackeys, as he’s had the most contact with the August 8 cluster, particularly Will Gorski (Brian J Smith) but who is really in charge?

Well apparently, it’s someone called the Chairman, but we’ve no idea who exactly that is. Could it be Jonas? Could it be actually be Whispers? Or someone completely unexpected? Perhaps the finale will finally tell us. Here’s hoping so, anyway.

Kala divorcing Rajan

Could the finale be the end for Kala and Rajan? (Netflix/YouTube)

Since Sense8‘s very first episode, it’s been clear that Kala Dandekar (Tina Desai) isn’t in love with her husband, Rajan Rasal. Well, she told us so and we have no reason to disbelieve her!

Along the way, it’s evident that she has fallen head-over-heels in love with fellow sensate Wolfgang, but she can’t be with him completely because she’s still technically with Rajan. Fans of the show want nothing more in its finale than to see Kala finally leave Rajan for good and give her heart to ol’ Wolfie. Surely if the man escapes BPO’s clutches, she’s got to give him that!?

More Mr. Hoy

Oh boy, more Mr Hoy! (Netflix/YouTube)

Mr. Hoy, who is played by former Doctor Who actor Sylvester McCoy, was introduced in Sense8‘s second season. Like the central characters, he is also a sensate – someone who can telepathically connect with certain people – and is an enemy of the BPO.

He links to the August 8 cluster via Riley Blue (Tuppence Middleton) and is also a member of the Archipelago, a network of sensates that communicate with each other to exchange information or resources. Basically, he’s a valuable ally and will no doubt help our heroes take down the BPO once and for all.

He’s in the trailer, so we know he’ll return. We’re excited.

Sun getting justice against joong-ki

One time, we’d just love to be able to say ‘Sun won’ (Netflix/YouTube)

Towards the end of season two, Sun-Bak escaped from prison and confronted the brother that had framed her for her father’s murder. Much to fan’s dismay, she ultimately showed him mercy and he escaped, meaning that Sun would likely remain a wanted criminal and would have to live her life on the run.

We would love to see her brother finally get his just desserts after he ruined her life, tried to convince government officials that she was mentally unstable and tried to have her killed in prison multiple times. He doesn’t deserve to be the CEO of their father’s company – Sun does. We sure hope it happens.


We’re off to Paris, but where else might we end up in the Sense8 finale? (Netflix/YouTube)

Across Sense8‘s two seasons, the characters have seen themselves in Berlin, London, Chicago, Mumbai, Reykjavik, Nairobi, San Francisco and Seoul. But where else might the sensates travel to in the finale? There will certainly be enough time for them to do plenty of globetrotting and as they try to take down the BPO, it might be the only thing for it.

From the trailer, we know that we’ll be taken to Paris, France. We look forward to seeing where else we might end up.

Lito getting his career back on track

Will Lito become a big Hollywood star? (Netflix/YouTube)

After his sexuality was made public in the show’s second season, Lito Rodriguez (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) spiralled into a depression; struggling to come to terms with the fact that his options had vastly limited and he was not being offered the same caliber roles he once was.

Towards the final episode though, his friend Dani helps him bag an audition and subsequently the lead part in an upcoming gay romance drama opposite Cheyenne Jackson’s Blake Huntington. Lito is a fan favourite character on the show and all we want to see him do is regain the confidence he once had as one of Mexico’s most prolific actors, and go on to become a big Hollywood star.

The sexy orgy to end all sexy orgies

No caption needed – Sense8 fans get it (Netflix/YouTube)

There’s no use pretending that Sense8 isn’t one of the sexiest shows out there but it’s always at it’s sexiest when it brings its characters together for a telepathic orgy.

Its first season saw Wolfgang, Will, Lito and Nomi cosy on up to one another and share a beautifully erotic moment and then, in the show’s Christmas special, all of the sensates (and some of their partners too) were seen kissing and writhing naked on each other.

It’s unlike anything television has really been brave enough to do before and transcends ideas of sexuality and labels – as some characters are straight but still get enjoyment from this polysexual encounters due to their mental connection to others – and we hope to see more of it in the finale!

How it ends

We don’t want to say goodbye (Netflix/YouTube)

It’s hard to imagine there being a definitive conclusion to a show like Sense8, whose premise and dynamic characters could easily keep you entertained for a few more seasons but we all know, we’re probably not going to see them again after the finale. In which case, there’s got to be an obvious ‘end’.

As bittersweet as it is, fans are desperate to know how things will be left. Will the members of the August 8 cluster lose their ability to telepathically connect with one another? (We hope not). Will everyone get a happy ending? (We hope so).Will someone die? (Don’t get us started).

Will we ever learn what Whispers is really up to? Will they finally free themselves from the threat of the BPO? Only time will tell.

Lots of viewers tuning in


This is a bit of an random one but it’s something fans are desperate to see; lots of people tuning in to watch the finale. Aside from the fact that we all believe this show deserves a bigger following than it ever quite received, some fans hope that if the finale is streamed by a huge number of people, it might show to Netflix that it’s worth continuing and we’ll get a third season after all.

It’s a long shot, but we can understand the reasoning.