The best Father’s Day cards for gay dads – from cute to quirky

It can be easy to buy your gay dads a pair of socks and pick up a rubbish card from the petrol station for Father’s Day, or you could actually make a bit of effort and get them one of these amazing cards.

With adoption levels in the LGBT community consistently on the up, manufacturers are making a real effort to celebrate all kinds of families, and here are some of our favourites for Sunday.

Keeping it simple – Love Layla, £3.75

Love Layla

It’s Dad Pride month, too – Amazon, £3.29


But we all want to be on TV, right? – Etsy, £3.49


This one has life advice – Etsy, £2.50


We see what you did there – Etsy, £3.49


Two bear dads – Etsy, £2.99


For your Jesus Christ Superdad – Etsy, £2.95

Heathens Greetings

And while we’re celebrating LGBTQ parenting, let’s take a moment to wish a very happy Father’s Day to couple Damian Sayer and Rob Cornwell who are foster parents

“I couldn’t imagine a gay guy living with his partner being allowed to adopt or foster other people’s children,” Sayer told PinkNews.

That was until he saw a Facebook post from another gay couple who had successfully fostered a child, and was hooked by the idea of making a positive change in the world.

“I’m not Mother Theresa,” he says, “but I’ve always thought that if I can make a difference with one person, I’ve reached my goal.”

When he finally told his partner, Cornwell, that he was interested in fostering and had made an enquiry, he said his partner was delighted, saying: “Fantastic! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I’ve always thought that if I can make a difference with one person, I’ve reached my goal.”

The, who have been in a civil partnership for more than a decade, now take care of Hayden – a 12-year-old with severe behavioural issues – and Lucas, a transgender 16-year-old.

“It’s bloody hard work,” admits Sayer – who lives on the outskirts of Birmingham – but he is clearly completely committed to his boys.

“No-one will ever take their home away from them,” he says.

“They’re my kids. I don’t look at them as foster kids, they’re my kids.”

And, he says, “We are exceptionally proud of them.”

“They are my two babies, and no-one will ever hurt them again, as long as I’ve got breath in my body.”

And his message for any same-sex couples thinking of getting into fostering or adopting was similarly definitive.

“Go for it – providing you’re doing it for the right reasons,” he says.

“These children have been through hell and back. You’ve got to make sure you go into this long-term, and be prepared for the baggage.

“But don’t be frightened of what society says, because if Rob and I can do it, anyone can do it.”