Gay doctor who lied about having HIV avoids jail

A gay doctor who lied to his NHS employers about being HIV+ has been handed a two year suspended sentence.

Tamas Nyary, 45, falsified documents to hide his status because of the conservative views in his native Hungary.

Suspicions were roused when lab technicians noticed that he had submitted his own blood under the name of a patient as part of a job application.

A doctor has been handed a two year suspended jail sentence after lying about his HIV status (pexels)

Nyary worked at 24 hospitals in the UK and performed operations on hundreds of patients, Nottingham Crown Court heard, and was forced to contact nearly 400 of his patients to offer them a blood test – all of which came back negative.

Two people who were potentially at risk because Nyary operated on them, gave victim impact statements in court on Tuesday and spoke of their anxiety and stress.

The now suspended doctor, who is married, gained employment by changing the dates on vaccination reports and using other patients’ blood samples to pass off as this own.

As Judge Stuart Rafferty QC sentenced him today, he acknowledged that the “draconian society” that he is originally from meant that he was “too embarrassed” to reveal he was gay and that he had HIV.

Tamas Nyary was ‘too embarrassed’ to reveal he was gay and that he had HIV so forged documents and blood tests to conceal his status (pexels)

He said: “People have been placed in fear that, because of contact with you, they may have become infected and, no doubt, as you have over the years when you tested, waiting for their result is an agonising process.

“Because of your embarrassment and because of the much more draconian society from which you came, revealing your homosexuality and revealing even the risk that you might be HIV positive was a step that you simply could not contemplate taking.

“What has to be said on the other side, however, is that this was a course of dishonesty that went on for some years, beginning by you before you were certain you were HIV positive and continued afterwards.”

Nyary pleaded guilty to forgery and using a false instrument [regarding the vaccination report]; causing a computer to perform a function to secure unauthorised access to a programme or data twice; fraud; and twice using a false instrument.