Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thanks LGBT community after landmark win

A 28-year-old former bartender and Bernie Sanders volunteer named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has caused one of the biggest upsets in modern American political history.

Osasio-Cortez beat 10-term democratic incumbent Jo Crowley in a New York congressional primary, in the 14th district which takes in parts of Queens and the Bronx.

Despite being in a state of shock after her win, the socialist found words to thank members of the LGBTQ community.

Ocasio-Cortez was being interviewed on live TV when a reporter remarked on the huge number of votes she’d received.

Struggling for words, the politician who won almost 60 per cent of the vote, said: “I cannot believe these numbers right now, but I do know that every person here worked there butt off to change the future of the Bronx and Queens.”

She continued: “And that this victory belongs to every single grassroots organiser, every working parent, every mum, every member of the LGBTQ community. Every single person is responsible for this.”

Her victory, against a man who raised more funds than her by a margin of 10-1, has sent shockwaves through the Democratic establishment.

A viral Twitter post noted how less than a year ago Ocasio-Cortez was working in a bar in New York.

Following her victory on Tuesday evening, Bernie Sanders said: “She took on the entire local Democratic establishment in her district and won a very strong victory. She demonstrated once again what progressive grassroots politics can do.”

Cynthia Nixon, the former Sex and the City star running for New York governor, described Ocasio-Cortez as the “future of the Democratic Party.”