Gay couple raises more than £11,000 on GoFundMe for surgery after brutal attack

A gay couple has turned to GoFundMe to raise funds to cover their medical costs after they were attacked.

Collie McQuillan, 30, and his husband Gui, 24, were reportedly attacked by four men in Portlaoise in Ireland.

Collie had to be transferred to a hospital in Dublin for treatment for his injuries.

So far, McQuillan has already raised more than 13,000 euros (£11,500) via the fundraising platform.

“I was savagely attacked by a group of people which caused extensive damages to my face and jaw and teeth which resulted in myself being transferred from Portlaoise hospital to St James hospital Dublin,” he wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“The attack was mindless and totally unprovoked,” McQuillan said, saying the medical costs were adding up for his treatment.

“I have an upper and lower broken jaw. My lower jaw line has splintered bone and I have lost two teeth and another two teeth have been broken in half…

“The cost of both medical and dental repairs is about 8,000 euro,” he wrote.

Collie McQuillan and his husband Gui were attacked by four men (GoFundMe)

“I’m hoping to raise at least half of this amount. Please if you can help with any donation at all nothing is too small it would me the world to me as this has been a huge knock to my confidence and has caused a lot of emotional stress and physical pain.”

Writing on Facebook, Gui wrote: “It never comes to your mind that this could happen to you or to someone close, until it does.

“So with the physical pain, came the depression,” he said. “We still can’t believe that this happened, what kind of people do that? We just don’t understand.”

He added that dental treatment would be expensive and asked people to help donate funds.

“If we could raise half of it, it would be a huge help,” he wrote. “And please pray!”

A police spokesman said: “Gardai in Laois are investigating an alleged assault in the Harpurs Lane part of Portlaoise on Sunday the 10th of June 2018 at approx 2.30am.

“One male was taken to St James Street Hospital with serious facial injuries.”