There’s a penis drawing so big it can be seen from Google Maps

Eagle-eyed Google maps users have discovered a penis so big it’s been captured by overhead satellites.

The drawing, by an unknown artist,  is carved into a piece of dry land in the south west of Australia.

On the navigation site it’s been labelled as ‘Aussie Weiner’, after no one has admitted responsibility for it.


(Credit: Google)

According to the Metro, the first news of the drawing was published on a Facebook group called ‘Take The Piss Geelong’ which wrote: “If the legend who did this can inbox us with any form of proof, that’d be awesome. We have a beer with your name on it.”

Pictures taken from Google Maps clearly show the phallic image from above.

Since the large drawing was spotted on Google Maps, people have also been leaving reviews about it. “Left me very satisfied,” wrote one person. “Pretty good size (of lake),” another added.


(Credit: Google)

There are plenty of other penis-drawing related stories out there.

In 2015 a person accidentally voted for a Tory candidate who opposed same-sex marriage – by drawing a penis on his ballot paper.