Secret Cinema presents William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

Before you wipe your glitter away after Pride, make the most of the summer heatwave. Dust off your angel wings and party with Juliet Capulet at this five-hour outdoor celebration of music, food, fashion, frivolity and film.

Secret Cinema is bringing Baz Luhrmann’s modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s timeless play “Romeo and Juliet” to an outdoor location in London in August—the exact place, of course, is kept under wraps. The 1996 film, filled with heart-wrenching drama and awe-inspiring detail, is the perfect setting to lose yourself in for a night—or more, as the event runs every night from August 8 to August 25. Click here to find out more.

“William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet will be set against the themes of peace, redemption and salvation, young hearts of Verona will be summoned to the city on behalf of the brave and noble Captain Prince. All are called to create a truce between the warring houses of Montague and Capulet, all must come to crush a cup of wine in peace,” the organisers said announcing the event.

The iconic scene of the Capulet’s ball (Image by 20th Century Fox)

Secret Cinema promises to transport viewers to a world displaying the iconic elements of the film and Shakespeare’s tragedy. At Secret Cinema, the audience is actively engaging with the film, becoming a character, exploring iconic sets, interacting with the heroes and heroines, and uncovering secret stories and missions as the performance comes alive.

“Each night will see thousands of people take part in a carnival of performance expression, a living world of one of the greatest love stories ever told,” Matthew Bennett, Creative Director on the production, stated introducing the event.

Secret Cinema had previously brought to life Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, and they can’t wait to engage once again with the director’s extravagant aesthetic. “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet has epic ingredients with which we can play with: from the legendary characters, the rich back story of families feuding along with all the anthems for the audience to discover and sing across our world,” Bennet added.

Romeo and the Montague boys (Image by 20th Century Fox)

Join Father Laurence and his choir, cause chaos with the Montague boys, or get into drag and release you inner Mercutio at the Capulet party of the century.

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