Fundamentalist Christian group stage protest outside LGBTQ-friendly church at Bristol Pride

A fundamentalist Christian group are protesting at Bristol Pride today as a local church celebrates the LGBTQ community.

Christian’s at Gay Pride are “a group of seeking to show the love of God to the whole LGBTQIA+ Community at Bristol Pride,” are holding a church service before joining the march later on Saturday, with a banner saying, “God affirms you.”

They describe the service John Wesley’s chapel in Broadmead as: “an affirming service with songs, prayers and symbolic actions.”

Christians at Bristol Pride have angered fundamentalist group Christian Concern with their pro-LBGTQ church service (Christians at Bristol Pride)

But Christian Concern are unhappy, and attendees will be met with a “rally for truth” outside the chapel to preach their “biblical view of human sexuality.”

The London-based group’s chief Andrea Williams lashed out on their website.

She wrote: “The heritage of sound biblical teaching on human sexuality that was faithfully proclaimed by Christian men like John Wesley should be upheld by the church, not torn down. Methodism is dear to my heart, and I find it very sad to see buildings intended for the proclamation of the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ being used to celebrate a sexual lifestyle that He condemned.”

She went on to add: “If you can, please join the rally for truth in Bristol, but even if you cannot be there, please pray that:

“A biblical witness and understanding of sexuality will be proclaimed outside The New Room

“The Methodist church will respond strongly to its oldest building being used for Pride celebration services

“The Church will be bold to speak out on matters of biblical sexuality”.

Christian Concern chief Andrea Williams confirmed they will be holding a “rally for truth” outside the chapel (Christian Concern)

Christian Concern have been vocal in attacking a number of equality promoting policies and even went as far to attack the government for its long-awaited plan to eliminate cruel gay conversion therapy.

They called the ban “dangerous” and claimed a “gay subculture has now taken over the government.”