Vegan group says ‘chemical pollutants’ make people gay and transgender – and gets destroyed

A vegan Facebook group has sparked a backlash after saying that being gay or transgender is unnatural and “caused by synthetic chemical pollutants.”

Pembrokeshire vegan organic has since deleted the post, but every new post has been greeted with questions and outrage about the offensive message, which shared ideological similarities with late YouTuber Mari Lopez.

Lopez said veganism and her faith had cured her of homosexuality and cancer before dying of cancer.

PVO is not alone is sharing the opinion that veganism can allow people to avoid homosexuality (YouTube/Liz & Mari)

The Welsh advocacy group’s post called being gay or trans “sexual development problems” which it said are “caused by synthetic chemical pollutants.”

It added that “teaching gender in schools is promoting the most backwards and corrupt system possible.

“The promotion of gay and trans is the promotion of sexual development disorders, caused by environmental pollutants and media and educational manipulation.

The group’s post, in full (Pembrokeshire vegan organic/facebook)

“The promotion of homosexuality and gender at children tries to promote the view that transgender and homosexuality are natural and healthy lifestyle choices, which is not true.”

It is not clear what the group meant by “teaching gender,” which it also said was “wrong and will harm and confuse children.

“There is nothing natural or healthy about wanting to be the opposite from what we are born, transgender is an environmental developmental disorder that is being promoted as natural and normal.”

The group’s logo (Pembrokeshire vegan organic/facebook)

The backlash was severe, and though all the immediate responses to the post have been deleted along with the original message, people have flooded the page with reviews and comments making their outrage clear.

One person wrote: “As a vegan, I’m truly disgusted by the homophobic agenda you are pushing.

“You are hurting an entire community of people in a pathetic attempt to gain followers. It is ugly, this page is ugly, and the ones who run it are ugly.”

The group responded to this user by refusing to back down, writing that “synthetic chemicals in the environment can cause sexual development problems in people, and thats the truth.”

Another person said: “I can barely deal with such ignorance and stupidity. This is what I would expect from someone like Alex Jones in the USA, not a vegan business.

“Also, if you believe that LGBTQ+ people are created by a non-vegan diet, and you want all people to eat a vegan diet, are you not therefore advocating the euthanisation of LGBTQ+ people? Now do you see how that is hate speech?

Alex Jones, who earlier this month said drag queens were “soul-sucked fallen slaves” who should be burned alive (The Alex Jones Channel/youtube)

“You make me feel literally sick to my stomach.”

One message accused the group of being “transphobic and homophobic” before saying it had “answered the comments here in a really childish and unprofessional way. Way to go .”

The vegan page replied by accusing those who have been vocal in their outrage since yesterday of being “abusive and hateful people” and called the writer of this latest comment “some random hater.”

One user said: “Disgusting fb page hope they shut it down there’s no place for bigotry from the likes of u in wales, f**king scum.”

Another person asked: “Which chemical turned me gay, but not by brother, sister or cousins?”

The page has not directly answered the question.

Earlier this year, far-right group Britain First was banned by Facebook.

Britain First leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen (Charles McQuillan/Getty)

The extremist far-right group, which rallies against racial diversity, boasted more than a million followers – making it the largest political Facebook page in the UK.

The page has also previously lashed out at LGBT equality, attacking reality dating show for featuring a lesbian couple last year and repeatedly attacking transgender rights.