Gay ‘cure’ activists forgot to renew their web domain, so I bought it to point out it’s bulls**t

The idea that gay people can be ‘cured’ is nonsense, but boy is it persistent nonsense.

Despite the best efforts of experts, campaigners and lawmakers, faith-based groups that believe it’s possible to ‘convert’ gay people into heterosexuals continue to operate on the fringes of society.

The majority of the groups known to operate today are faith-based and firmly rooted in Christian evangelism.

Jim Deferio

Arguing with a gay ‘cure’ proponent is much akin to arguing with a flat earther or climate change denier.

Pretty much every independent expert has concluded that it’s not just bunk, but dangerous bunk, as repressing sexuality has been linked to depression, self-harm and even suicide.

But proponents fuelled by blind faith continue to not only carry out the practice, but actively target vulnerable and insecure LGBT people to promote it.

Whether it’s a swish targeted Facebook ad or a protester waving a banner at a Pride parade, attempts to promote the practice to LGBT people are as vulturistic as they are delusional.

Evangelical activist Jim Deferio was in the news this week after a long-running legal battle over a protest at a Pride event.

Jim Deferio

Deferio, who frequently protests LGBT events, often carries a sign claiming that “Thousands of ex-homosexuals have experienced the life-changing love of Jesus Christ. Check out testimonies at“.

The linked website was once packed with propaganda to promote the practice.

The erstwhile owner of, however, apparently neglected to pay their hosting bill – because the domain name was back up for sale this week.

So, I did what any other good citizen would do – and paid £1 to buy the unattended domain.

The website now redirects to a list of all the medical organisations who think gay cure therapy is bullshit, which is aptly the longest article ever published on PinkNews.

The list includes the World Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the American Medical Association.

The new direction hopefully provides a more accurate list of testimonies to the effectiveness of gay ‘cure’ therapy, compared to the handful of sad gay people who have been coaxed into hating and repressing their actual selves.

Gay cure therapy is now banned for minors in fourteen US states and counting: New Jersey, California, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Delaware, plus the District of Columbia.

The UK government has also vowed to eliminate it in the UK, adding to a growing list of countries taking the issue on.

Nick Duffy is the Current Affairs Editor of PinkNews, and the owner of