Rose McGowan is dating non-binary model Rain Dove

It looks as though Rose McGowan has found love again, after they were spotted last weekend at OZY Fest in New York with non-binary model Rain Dove.

The former Charmed actor, who led the allegations against Harvey Weinstein last year, was seen kissing the model at the festival.

Rain is one of the world’s most famous non-binary models, and has become well known for modelling male and female clothes in photoshoots, productions and runway shows.

Rain Dove (Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Rain was born female but was teased at school for what other children perceived as masculine looks. However, Rain went on to embrace their androgynous look, and has become a highly successful model as a result.

The pair have made their relationship public just months after McGowan suggested that they may also identify as non-binary.

Speaking on the Love Alexi podcast, McGowan said they did not fit into the “construct”.

“I think we’re never going to solve anything by going into the man/woman construct. Step back to humanity.”

They added that they don’t want to be “labelled as a woman when I don’t even know what that means.”

Despite this, McGowan has attracted controversy in the past for her comments about the LGBT+ community.

They once hit out at Caitlyn Jenner, saying she has “male privilege” and “doesn’t understand” being female.

In 2014, McGowan also said that “gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so.”

McGowan was at the centre of controversy again earlier this year when an audience member stood up and questioned them on comments they had made about trans people.

Photo by Ming Yeung/Getty Images

Speaking on RuPaul’s podcast, What’s The Tee last July, McGowan said that trans women thought they knew what it was like to grow up female, “because they felt like a woman on the inside”, but that this was false.

“That’s not developing as a woman,” they added.

A trans woman questioned McGowan at the event, which led to a public shouting match between the pair.

The row ended with the woman being escorted out of the building, and McGowan shouting that she should be “f***ing grateful” for the work they had done.