Grindr chat takes surprising turn over Lady Gaga and one of the guy’s mother

When you start chatting to someone on Grindr, you probably don’t expect the other guy to know your mother.

But that’s exactly what happened when Alston Slatton, who is originally from Arkansas but lives in New York, started chatting to a guy on the gay dating app.

During their chat, they started talking about how they were both from the south. To their surprise, it turned out they were both from the exact same town in Arkansas.

Despite this, they had never met each other, but in a bizarre turn of events, it turned out that the guy had gone to see Lady Gaga live with Alston’s mother in St Louis.

After Alston linked the guy to his Instagram, he made the connection. He messaged Alston to say he didn’t want to be “creepy”, but went on to say: “I went to the Joanne world tour with your mom.”

Alston posted the hilarious exchange on Twitter, which has since gone viral.

The pair are now going on a date, which should be a breeze, as they already know they have a lot in common.

Alston spoke to Mashable about the bizarre experience, and said he was initially convinced he was either being “cat-fished” or it was a “really crazy coincidence.”

“Then when he recognised my name from my Instagram handle, I was thinking, ‘Oh wow, do I have that bad of a rap sheet back in Jonesboro – like, did I (un)knowingly steal his husband or something?” he said.

Alston’s mum, who is a huge Lady Gaga fan, had gone to the concert with friends of friends after she ended up with some extra tickets to the St Louis show.

“I really only knew one of those guys, and knew absolutely nothing else about the others, so finding out that one of those boys lived a few blocks away (2686 feet to be exact) from my apartment in NYC was stunning,” Alston added.

Alston also explained that he and his mother share a love of Lady Gaga.

“It’s really sweet because she didn’t get into her until after I left home for college. She missed me a lot, so she started listening to her music because she knew Gaga is my favourite artist.

“It made her feel closer to me,” he added.

He said he feels “very fortunate” to have a mother who is a “loving and supportive ally”.