Teenage lesbian stripped and beaten by gang who called her ‘dyke’ and ‘stud’

A 15-year-old lesbian has been brutally attacked by a group who beat her and tore her clothes off while hurling anti-gay slurs.

Amari Graves was walking to the store in Austin, Chicago on Tuesday when she was jumped by a gang including a girl from her school and several adults, who used mace and a baseball bat to terrorise her.

Attacks on queer youth are still all too common, with teenagers in Arizona, California and London targeted by groups of attackers over the past year.

They used mace and a baseball bat on Amari (nbc 5)

Through her tears, Amari said told NBC 5: “They all got out and walked up to me.

Speaking about one of her assailants, she said: “When I was walking she tried to pull a bat out and swing it at me.

“They were calling me ‘a dyke’ and ‘a stud’ and stuff.”

The adults and student then proceeded to stomp and kick Amari, she said, spraying her with mace while also attempting to strip her of her clothes.

The mother of one of the attackers allegedly filmed the vicious attack (nbc 5)

The teenager said that the mother of one of the attackers filmed the vicious attack.

Amari’s mother, Catina Parks-Dorsey, said that the group should be arrested and charged with a hate crime and sexual assault.

“Absolutely nothing was done,” she said.

“No one was taken into custody; they told me I had to swear out my own warrant to have them arrested.”

Catina Parks-Dorsey said the group should face hate crime and sexual assault charges (nbc 5)

Parks-Dorsey added that it was “devastating to know you weren’t there to protect your child.

“I want them locked up.”

Chicago police officers are investigating the case.

A study published earlier this year found that gay, lesbian and bisexual people are more likely to suffer from physical and mental health issues.

It is expected that the added emotional strain is caused by “frequent experiences with prejudice and discrimination.”

Gay, lesbian and bisexual people are more likely to suffer from physical and mental health issues (Pexels)

According to the research, poor overall health is common among LGB adults and the chances that certain individuals within the community could develop cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions are heightened.

It goes on to say that many of the physical health problems LGB people face are frequently born from stress, and in turn, the absence of a good night’s sleep – which was backed up by other research published in December.