Watch: Bi men share the first time they experienced biphobia

From the first time holding hands in public, to the first time realising you were LGBTQ, we all have a first time story.

First Times is a new PinkNews series, with each episode dedicated to a different identity under the LGBTQ umbrella.

In the first episode, bisexual women shared their first times.

Now the series returns with episode five, with six bisexual men sharing their first time experiences.

From the moment they realised they were into men, to the first time they experienced biphobia, these six people share their stories on camera.

In this episode, Lewis, Ben, Leng, Will, Spud and Martin open up about the first time they realised they were were bisexual.

For Leng Montgomery, a trans man, the realisation that he was bisexual came after taking testosterone.

He said: “I started having conversations with some other trans men that I met and they said ‘has testosterone made you gay yet?’

“I was a bit like: ‘Gay? What do you mean?’ But then after they said that I went to the gym and I just started crotch watching, and I was like oh, maybe this testosterone is working,” he laughed.

Leng and Will (PinkNews)

Martin Willis realised he was attracted to men from a young age but bullying he experienced at school for being bisexual prevented him from “owning” his identity for several years.

“When I was a teenager I experienced vary levels of abuse, being attacked, bullying, because I’m bisexual.

“It took me about eight years to process that enough to just own it.”

Lewis and Ben (PinkNews)

Bisexual activist Lewis Oakley said it took a while for him to realise how he felt towards men was actually attraction.

He explained: “I know that at school there were boys I was attracted to but at the time I was just like I think they’re really cool, I want to be like them.

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