Lesbian couple receive anonymous hate letters and threats to kill their daughter

A lesbian couple from Minnesota have spoken out about receiving anonymous hate letters containing threats towards their daughter.

Angie and Jaime Mace, from St Peter, have launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to give as a reward to whoever helps them identify the sender of the letters, which contain extreme anti-LGBT language.

On the GoFundMe page, the couple wrote: “Please help us find a terrorist who is making death threats based on sexual orientation, race and gender in Minnesota. We need to raise reward money that will encourage witnesses to come forward with information that will lead to the arrested and prosecution of this criminal.

“I am a proud resident of St. Peter, Minnesota. I am a married lesbian with a child.  My wife grew up in St. Peter, while I transplanted here over 15 years ago. We have not encountered deliberate acts of discrimination, until late last year.”

The GoFundMe campaign (GoFundMe)

The couple then explained how they received two letters in the space of a month which threatened to “destroy our home, shoot and kill us.”

“Both letters made direct threats to stalk and kill our child,” they added, posting the two letters at the end of the fundraising page.

“Your house could be torched, a gun could be used to eliminate you,” one letter reads.

It continues: “Oh, and your poor daughter!  She must be so embarrassed to have you for parents! She needs to look out behind her back also… I know where she goes to school!”

Although the letters have been analysed by police and investigators, no fingerprints or DNA have been recovered.

The couple wrote on their fundraising page: “The person who wrote the letters took precautions to avoid getting caught. It seemed as though the investigation was at a stand still for several months.”

“What kind of person does this? What kind of person can sleep at night after threatening to kill innocent children? A person that belongs behind bars, that’s who!”

Another couple in the same area have also received a threatening letter

Earlier this year, another lesbian couple received a letter which threatened them and their child, which is also being investigated by police.

The Maces said they had received an “outpouring of support” from people all over the world after posting one of the letters on Facebook.

“It really reinforced that the words of this bigoted idiot are not the words of the majority,” they wrote.

“We need to find this terrorist. To do that, we need to raise reward money to offer to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of this criminal. This person must be caught and brought to justice.

“Please give what you can and ask your friends to do the same. We are scared. This seemed to start as an isolated incident, but has progressed to include other innocent families. This needs to stop and this criminal needs to know s/he is not above the law. Help us bring justice to ‘small town rural Minnesota.’”