Brighton Pride led by pro-trans group to hit back at Pride in London ‘hijackers’

Pro-trans activists led Brighton Pride yesterday (August 4) in a poignant response to the anti-trans group which ‘hijacked’ Pride in London.

PinkNews reported live from the Pride in London march on July 7 as a group of radical feminist campaigners forced their way into the front of the march.

Pride in London organisers issued an apology for the incident after the group was allowed to lead the Pride parade across much of its route bearing the sign “Transactivism erases lesbians” while distributing anti-trans leaflets.

Anti-trans protesters took over the front of Pride in London

Pride organisers claimed they had no option but to allow the protest, alleging that officers from the Metropolitan Police had declined to remove the group.

Brighton Pride, the country’s largest LGBT Pride festival, which welcomed more than 300,000 attendees yesterday, vowed that it would not let a similar incident happen during its parade – but in fact, the event went one better.

It allowed activists called #LWithTheT – a direct riposte to the radical anti-trans group’s #GetTheLOut hashtag – to lead the parade, and it was beautiful.

The group, which was made up of trans women, trans men, non-binary people, lesbians, bi people and gay men, led the crowd in chants of “Please know your history, trans women fought for me,” “We will not hide, trans women started Pride” and “Keep the L with the T, you can’t break the community.”

Some attendees in the audience reportedly burst into tears at the sight of a pro-trans group leading the parade after years of rhetorical and physical attacks against trans people in Britain.

Jules Guaitamacchi, who was marching in the group, told PinkNews that the movement was established “in response to the events that took place during London Pride, when a group of anti-trans lesbians hijacked the parade and spread messages of hate and discrimination.

“When the news hit all the major headlines, trans people all over the world were completely hurt and devastated.

More than 300,000 people saw the parade led by a pro-trans group

“We immediately got in touch with Brighton Pride highlighting the importance of supporting the transgender community at this time and they agreed for the #LwiththeT campaign to lead the parade.”

They revealed that “during the march I personally consoled individuals in the crowds – spectators who were crying tears of joy.

“It felt as though the transgender community finally mattered and we were clearly embraced by the crowds.

“Keep the L with the T, you can’t break the community.”

“Most of the crowd seemed to know what we were doing – knowing what went on at London Pride. We aren’t a large group and had to keep what we were doing relatively secret as not to risk any attack,” explained Guaitamacchi.

“I am concerned that the majority of media outlets are more focused on reporting on these anti-trans groups and the chaos they create than the transgender voices and incredibly important solidarity campaigns such as these,” they continued.

“Increasing visibility and forming allies with campaigns like #LwiththeT will be the long-term solution in drowning out voices of hatred and ignorance.

“Let us not forget the meaning of Pride and how it was originally formed. The first pride was a riot and the work for more equal rights isn’t finished.

“During the march I personally consoled individuals in the crowds – spectators who were crying tears of joy”

“Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and campaigning for relevant issues should remain a priority today. And it’s a shame that amidst the corporate involvement with Pride and the money-making agenda that important causes are getting lost and lacking support.”

Guaitamacchi, who is non-binary, also co-organised Queer Prom, an event designed for the LGBT+ community to get together and have the prom that they truly deserve in an inclusive space.

After the success of the pair’s first event in January, they decided to team up with Brighton Pride to create a night to remember earlier this month.

Attendees celebrate with Brighton Pavillion in the background (Tristan Fewings/Getty)

A man was arrested in the early hours of this morning (August 5) after unleashing a horrifying stream of abuse at people coming back from Brighton Pride in which he threatened to kill all the gay people on the train.

After the parade – which was attended by more than 300,000 people – and the website-crashing Britney Spears performance which closed out the Pride festivities, attendees made their way home.

Around 57,000 people attended Britney’s performance (ettolrahcb88/twitter)

Thousands were crushed and stranded outside the train station in Brighton as police temporarily eliminated access and suspended the service.

And for some of those who avoided the chaos and got a train, there was a horrifying reminder of the anti-gay hate which exists outside of the Pride bubble.