‘Twinks for Trump’ founder dropped from Gateway Pundit after appearing on white nationalist podcast

‘Twinks4Trump’ founder Lucian Wintrich has been dropped as a White House press correspondent over his links to white nationalists.

Alt-right Trump fan Lucian Wintrich was behind a ‘Twinks4Trump’ photo exhibit in 2016, featuring naked young gay men posing in support of the Republican billionaire.

Wintrich was later handed an official White House press pass, on behalf of alt-right and overtly pro-Trump blog Gateway Pundit.

However the activist was dropped from Gateway Pundit this month after appearing on a podcast hosted by self-described white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes.

Right Wing Watch notes that the pair discussed genetic difference between races and claimed the US was “specifically saying we want the shittiest immigrants in the entire world to flood our country.”

The Daily Beast reports that Wintrich was unceremoniously dumped by Gateway Pundit after the news came to light, though the blog claimed his exit had been planned for weeks.

Gateway Pundit chief Jim Hoft tweeted: “I’d like to wish Lucian Wintrich the best of luck and blessings on his next endeavor after leaving Gateway Pundit several weeks ago.”

Wintrich was previously photographed in the White House briefing room making a hand gesture associated with the online white supremacist movement.

The hand sign references the ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme, which started out life as an innocuous cartoon but was adopted as a visual symbol by the far-right and white supremacists online.

Speaking about his ‘Twinks4Trump’ project previously, Wintrich said: “Twinks4Trump combines stereotypes about young gay men and these deep stereotypes about young conservatives. And it kind of tosses them up a little bit. It’s satire.

“I think that camp comedy, political satire, they’re incredible tools for bridging that cultural divide and that gap and getting people to laugh while simultaneously getting them to think about things a little bit differently.

“The second you hear a dissenting voice and you say ‘Oh well, this sounds conservative so you must be a racist, bigot neo-nazi you don’t have any sort of conversation.

“To be gay and then conservative…you have to fight harder and research more and then read more than anybody else because you’re going to be continuously challenged.”

Wintrich previously claimed he suffered homophobic assaults in the White House.