Fans fuming after Celebrity Big Brother refuses to remove Human Ken Doll for using N-word

Human Ken Doll reality star Rodrigo Alves

Celebrity Big Brother fans have lashed out at producers for not removing Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves from the show after he used the N-word twice in Friday night’s episode (August 17).

The show instead broadcast a clip showing the Brazilian-born TV personality being given a “formal and final warning” in the diary room, following his use of language.

Alves, who earned his Human Ken Doll nickname after undergoing more than 100 surgeries and cosmetic procedures, used the racial slur when he was speaking to fellow housemates Chloe Ayling, Natalie Nunn and Gabby Allen about why he didn’t fancy The Only Way Is Essex star Dan Osborne, who is also in the Big Brother house.

“I like a n***er boy. [Osborne is] too white for my sake,” he said.

When his housemates were shocked by Alves’ use of the N-word and believed that they had misheard him, he then repeated it back to them.

After being issued with a warning from Big Brother in the diary room, Alves blamed his use of the racial slur on alcohol consumption.

“I was quite drunk… I’m obviously regretting that, the fact that I used the N-word,” he said.

Fans have criticised the show for not booting out Alves over his comments, highlighting that previous contestant Emily Parr was immediately removed from the 2007 regular version of the show after she used the N-word, without being given a warning.

Gerry Stergiopoulos, an author and former Big Brother contestant, wrote on Twitter: “Plastic Rodrigo has been there for few hours & dropped the N-word twice?! He was way too comfortable using it, obviously not for the first time!

“But @BBUK you removed Emily from my series #BB8 for the SAME word in the middle of the night! Double standards?”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Absolute joke that Rodrigo isn’t being removed immediately for using the N-word. Big Brother should stick to their precedent (Emily in BB 2007) and get rid #CBB.”

And one person exclaimed: “Does not understand why Rodrigo has not been removed for saying the N -Word not once but twice [sic]!!! Why is this word still being “fashionably” used!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!”

Big Brother UK also posted a statement on Twitter, which read: “Big Brother does not tolerate the use of highly offensive, racially charged language in the House.

“Rodrigo has received a formal and final warning and if he uses such language again, he will be removed immediately. Rodrigo has apologised for his comments.”


Alves, who has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram, has transformed himself into a doll-like person after having numerous cosmetic surgeries and procedures, including botox.

He’s previously had over 3,000 hair follicles transplanted to his forehead and then platelet rich plasma injected into his forehead to stimulate growth.

Before he was a TV and social media star, Alves has said he battled bullying and abuse for his looks as a child.