Lesbian couple gets engaged on stage at Reading Festival

A lesbian couple has got engaged on stage at a concert during Reading Festival—and it was beautiful.

Hannah Yates and Katie Greenaway were invited up by North London rock group Wolf Alice for the magical moment in front of thousands in the audience.

By enabling a same-sex marriage proposal to happen during its show, the band joins acts like Kesha, who also helped a lesbian couple to get engaged at a concert in July, in Detroit.

Hannah and Katie got engaged this weekend (katie greenaway/facebook)

Ellie Rowsell, the lead singer of Wolf Alice, which has reached number two in the UK charts with both of its albums, introduced the pair three songs into the set.

She told the audience: “This song’s a love song and I wanna invite two lovebirds on stage: Hannah and Katie.”

They hugged Rowsell, before Hannah got down on one knee with a ring, to excited cheers from the crowd.

Hannah pops the question (bbcr1/twitter)

In a suspenseful moment, Katie edged over to Rowsell, who was holding the microphone, and used it say: “Yes.”

The singer urged her to be more vocal about her love, saying: “Louder!”

“Yes!” came the response from Katie, to which Rowsell exclaimed: “Yeeeeees!”

Naturally, this drove the crowd into a good-natured frenzy.

The couple embraces after getting engaged (bbcr1/twitter)

The newly-engaged pair embraced, before the singer said: “Hannah and Katie, this one’s for you” and launched into the band’s song “Don’t Delete the Kisses.”

Writing on Instagram afterwards, Hannah said: “YES. She said yes. Nights don’t get much better than this! Massive thanks to Wolf Alice.”

Katie wrote: “What a weekend! One I’ll never ever forget.”

The video attracted delighted responses on Twitter as well, with one user writing: “this pure made me cry.”

“This pure made me cry” (thewonderrwhy/twitter)

One said: “Omg I can’t handle it ,” to which another responded: “Either can I, my heart is in bits. Don’t delete the kisses .”

“My heart is in bits” (stillpiderman and MarsBarSlane/twitter)

One well-wisher wrote: “I’d to wish you the best for your days ahead together. <3”

There were well-wishers in the audience and online (fbwikizo/twitter)

And another said: “Congrats the beautiful couple, love is universal! ❤”

“Love is universal” (rickaleborg/twitter)

Even when one person tried to dump cold water on other people’s love and happiness, it didn’t disturb the celebration.

“Eh!! really confused. A women proposed to another women [sic]. Shouldn’t one of them be a man! Lol,” said the user, which led BBC Radio 1 official account to come back with: ” .”

Nothing could ruin the celebratory mood (jessaffran and bbcr1/twitter)

Earlier this year, Mariah Carey orchestrated a proposal between her backing dancer and his boyfriend.

While performing at a concert during her called Butterfly Returns residency in the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, she halted her show for the heartwarming moment.

The newly engaged couple (katiegreenaway__/instagram)

And last year, Katy Perry arranged it so that two of her lesbian fans were able to get engaged on stage during one of her concerts in New York.

The local couple, called Becky and Katy, attended the concert for Becky’s birthday, which coincided with National Coming Out Day—and, as it turns out, their future engagement anniversary.