Who is Big Brother’s gender fluid contestant Tomasz Wania?

The final series of Big Brother kicked off this week with 14 new housemates.

Tomasz Wania, a 31-year-old Polish-born cleaner from London, is one of the contestants hoping to win the £100,000 prize.

Wania is gender fluid but according to his Channel 5 profile, being labelled as any specific gender does not upset him.

“Anything goes; it really doesn’t bother me,” he said, adding he is passionate about LGBT+ issues around the world.

Wania came to the UK ten years ago and is “happy to be who he is” in Britain. He has said if he wins, he plans to spend his prize money on becoming a UK citizen.

Although he has been in a relationship for seven years, the pair have had an open relationship for the last three years.

Cian Carrigan is one of the new housemates (Channel 5)

When asked what he will bring to the Big Brother house, he said: “I think fun, for sure, and a little bit of a grounding atmosphere. I’m not scared to call people out if they’re being ridiculous.

“I’ve had to deal with lots of ridiculous people in my life, and eventually I found my voice and I know what to say to make them rethink their actions or what they’re saying,” he told the Metro.

“I’m also going to bring compassion and understanding, because for me it’s easy to put myself in somebody else’s position and see their side of the story.”

Rodrigo Alves appeared on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother (ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty)

One of the 14 contestants in the new series is gay Irishman Cian Carrigan, who says he has a phobia of kneecaps and being tickled.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Carrigan said he hoped to bring a “little bit of rural Ireland” to the show, along with his own personality.

“I don’t know what it is. I couldn’t pinpoint my exact personality. Hopefully I’ll bring some fun and a good ear to listen,” he said.

“I am going to absolutely embrace it, it’s going to be fun,” he said, adding he would not get on with housemates who were “pompous” or “arrogant”.

The makers of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother announced the shows would be axed at the end of the current series, as viewing figures have dropped in recent years.