Who is Kyle McGovern? The Bi Life cast member and support teacher.

E’s The Bi Life is a dating show with a difference. With a bisexual-only cast, it seeks to explore an under-represented area of the dating world, but who is Welsh cast member Kyle McGovern?

Hailing from the Valleys of South Wales, 23-year-old Kyle works as a support teacher, offering extra one on one support for children who have learning difficulties. He is also studying Cognitive Neuroscience at university and, outside of work and study, likes to spend plenty of time down at the gym.

Kyle only came out as bisexual last year and so is very much at the beginning of his journey to understand more about his own sexuality. He is hoping that spending the summer in The Bi Life‘s villa in Barcelona will help him to explore the world outside of the Valleys and open his horizons a little.


Having mostly dated girls up to this point in his life, this year marks quite an important turning point for Kyle, romantically speaking. He feels that taking part in the show is an ideal way to explore what’s out there and to do so in a supportive environment with like-minded people whose life experiences match his own.

Although dating apps and online dating have helped transform the way people typically approach the search for love nowadays, Kyle says that Tinder is pretty rubbish when you’re bisexual and live in the Valleys.


A lot of the time, Kyle has found that people jump to conclusions about bisexuality: regarding it as just a stepping stone towards coming out as gay. This is one of many misconceptions about bisexuality and Kyle considers himself living proof that bisexuality isn’t just a ‘phase’ that people go through.

Although he describes his love life as currently uneventful, Kyle is optimistic that taking part in The Bi Life will help him find someone with a similar love of fitness and family.