The Bi Life recap: Michael’s first-ever date ‘lacks sexual chemistry’

In episode one of the ground-breaking reality dating show The Bi Life Michael goes on his first-ever date, Daisie’s trust issues come back to haunt her and Ryan finds he isn’t ready to settle down.

Hosted by Shane Jenek and his drag persona Courtney ActThe Bi Life follows a group of “sexy singletons” as they live, party and date in a villa in Barcelona.

Episode one of the series—the first bisexual reality dating show in the UK—introduces six cast members: Michael, Daisie, Matt, Mariella, Ryan, and Leonnie. 

Michael goes on his first-ever date

The immediately adorable Michael—a professional swimmer for Jamaica—goes out on his first-ever date with primary school teacher Ben. Michael says that, because of his sports career, he has never had time date before, and that he’s gone on the show to put himself out there. And, for a first time dater, Michael is smooth.

The pair talk about Ben’s teacher life, Harry Potter, and Michael’s ambition to swim in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Much to their delight, the rest of the cast get to watch Michael’s date and send him words of encouragement from the villa (“I think we need to take tips off him,” jokes Matt).

Despite the date going well, Michael decides that Ben isn’t the right person for him romantically. He says he sees Ben as more of a friend, at one point discussing the Harry Potter marathons the two could have together (“Ohhh, that’s harsh,” laughs Shane). By the end of the episode, Michael ends things with Ben at a party. Still, the pair leave it on good terms with a hug, as Michael looks forward to getting some more dates in the bag. Speaking to PinkNews, Michael says that his date “lacked that sexual chemistry.”

He adds: “I was very nervous for the date. But, for me, because I knew that the guys in the villa were going to be watching, I felt so confident. I knew that anything I’d done wrong or good, the guys would tell me straight away. So, I kind of had this inner confident on the date.”

Michael also tells PinkNews that he does “fall head over heels very quickly” if he does like someone, adding: “You will see, throughout more episodes and more dating experience, I maybe do fall too hard too quickly.”

Michael (left) on his date with Ben. (screenshot/NBC Universal)

Daisie finds a man—but he fancies Leonnie

Fraud prevention officer Daisie goes on a date with Aussie Adam. The date goes well, despite Adam making a couple of weird remarks after Daisie reveals she’s bisexual (“If you’re with a girl, does it mean you still want to dabble with some boys?” “If a girl is interested in bringing other girls…that wouldn’t be a problem.”). But, at the party later on, Adam checks out Leonnie at the bar, leaving Daisie fuming.

Earlier in the episode, she revealed she had big trust issues because her last relationship broke down when she discovered her boyfriend of a year and a half had a wife and a kid. Daisie says Adam should have told her if he fancies someone else, but Adam claims he didn’t “have the chance” to let her know. He apologises, saying he’s sorry things didn’t work out, and the pair end things on sour note.

“What a horrible, horrible person,” Daisie tells PinkNews afterwards, adding: “[His behaviour] just gives men a bad reputation, and this is why, again, it’s so hard for me to trust people. I never, ever had anything against Leonnie because it wasn’t her fault.”

Daisie clashing with Adam. (screenshot/NBC Universal)

Ryan gets a kiss (and then dumps his date)

Fitness influencer Ryan hits things off during a blind date with a woman called Serena. Sparks fly, as the two discuss Serena spending her day in Barcelona visiting the Sagrada Família (except she calls it the “sangria familia”…) and Ryan’s sexuality. In a break-out clip, Ryan reveals he had a really bad past experience when he told a girl he was dating that he is bisexual—and she spat her drink out. Heartwarmingly, Serena is much more receptive of Ryan’s sexuality.

She hasn’t dated a bisexual guy before, but says she is open to it, and the pair share a cheeky kiss by the end of their date. Ryan decides he wants to date other people by the end of the episode, as he’s just got out of a long term relationship with a guy, but Serena is pretty cool with it and the two part ways with a friendly hug.