Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham might be back together

Actor Colton Haynes and his celebrity florist husband Jeff Leatham appear to have reconciled, after both sharing photos on social media to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Haynes and Leatham reportedly split up in May, having only got married six months before.

After their supposed break-up, the Arrow star even removed all images of Leatham from his Instagram account and unfollowed his husband.

Haynes uploaded a photo of him and Leatham on their wedding day. (coltonhaynes/Instagram)

But the couple now seem to have rekindled their love for each other, as Instagram posts shared on Sunday (October 28) suggested.

Haynes uploaded a photo of the couple from their big day, writing: “Can’t believe it’s already been 1 yr. since we got married @jeffleatham Happy Anniversary my beautiful husband.”

Leatham, meanwhile, put up an image of the couple and shared a quote from Instagram poet R.M. Drake.

He also wrote in the caption: “Happy Anniversary My Beautiful Husband … Life is a beautiful place with you beside me. – I LOVE YOU -.”

The lines from Drake’s poem read: “I can’t remember what it was like before you, and I don’t even know how we got here but maybe that’s exactly what I needed.

“Someone who could make me forget where I came from and someone who could make me love without knowing how to fall.”

Leatham went on to share a picture of him and Haynes eating their wedding cake on his Instagram story.

Haynes and Leatham tied the know at a wedding officiated by Kris Jenner in Palm Springs, California, in October 2017.

The Teen Wolf actor publicly confirmed he was gay in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016.

Leatham gushed about his husband on Instagram. (jeffleatham/Instagram)

The couple wore matching suits to their wedding.

Celebrity guests reportedly included Chelsea Clinton, Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Dylan O’Brien, Emily Rickards, Billie Lourd and Cheyenne Jackson.

Haynes and Leatham got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

Cher even recorded a special video message for the pair’s engagement, which Leatham played before popping the question.

In May, Haynes called out Hollywood over its lack of LGBT+ representation in a series of now-deleted tweets.

”Hollywood is a very odd place,” he wrote. “I’ve been here for 12 yrs. I just pray that the LGBTQ+ community gets more chances to star in roles.

“We’ve had amazing trailblazers & ppl who’ve made it thru the criticism thk god. It doesn’t have to be me, but this town is run by our community.

“Just because you like the same sex doesn’t mean you can’t carry a film.”