Student’s door defaced with homophobic slurs and swastika

University of Massachusetts Amherst

A university student’s dorm room door was defaced with homophobic and transphobic slurs and a swastika in Massachusetts, USA.

The offensive homophobic graffiti and swastika were discovered on Tuesday (November 13) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, reports WWLP.

The lewd phrases and swastika imagery were found on the student’s door in John Quincy Adams halls of residence.

University of Massachusetts Amherst, where a student's door was defaced with homophobic and transphobic slurs

The chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst has condemned those behind the homophobic and transphobic graffiti and swastika. (Wikimedia Commons)

It comes after someone wrote the N-word over an anti-racist poster in Melville Hall on November 8.

“It saddens me to inform you that once again our community has been victimized by a cowardly act of bigotry and hate.”

—Kumble R. Subbaswamy

University chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy sent an email to students following the incident on Tuesday, condemning those behind the vandalism.

University of Massachusetts Amherst Chancellor slams those behind the homophobic slurs

“It saddens me to inform you that once again our community has been victimized by a cowardly act of bigotry and hate,” the chancellor wrote.

He added: “The words and symbols that the perpetrator of this latest incident chose, while targeted at one person, are an assault on all transgender, gay and Jewish members of our community and are clearly intended to intimidate.

“Let us not be intimidated. We must stand united in opposition to such ignorance and hatred and remain firm in our commitment to fostering a community of caring, inclusion and tolerance.”

Students do Nazi salute in Wisconsin

Meanwhile, a gay high school student from Barbaroo, Wisconsin, spoke out this week, after a photo that appears to show his classmates doing a Nazi salute attracted widespread condemnation.

The prom photo of the senior class at Baraboo High School provoked outrage on social media on November 12.

Many of the students in the all-male photo appear to be performing a Nazi salute, while at least one of the students is also flashing a white supremacist hand symbol.

Defiant gay student Jordan Blue explained that the photographer had asked the class to “wave” to their parents, when they instead decided to do the Nazi salute.

Watch the video below

In a statement, Jordan Blue said that several of the classmates pictured “have bullied me since entering middle school.”

He said: “I have struggled with it my entire life and nothing has changed. Nothing has been done and my question is… will anything ever be done?”

He told CBS: “As soon as I heard the photographer say ‘raise your hand,’ I knew what was going to happen. My classmates interpreted it, [and thought], let’s do this as a joke.

“I think they did [know what it represented]. It did not represent my morals, and I could not do something I did not believe in.”