Mum complains about LGBT lessons, is met with teacher wearing pro-LGBT shirt

A school student. A recent survey has found that more than two thirds of students have no grounding in LGBT issues

A Christian mum has allegedly removed her son from a primary school in London after she went in to complain about a “Proud to be Me” parade that took place in the school in June.

However, when the Christian mum went in to complain, the headteacher’s daughter, who is also deputy safeguarding manager at the school, walked in wearing a hilariously sassy shirt.

She came in wearing a shirt that said: “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” according to The Sun.

Teacher wears hilarious shirt in front of mum who complained about LGBT lessons


The angry mum told the Mail on Sunday that she believes the headteacher’s daughter’s shirt was “intended to belittle my views and intimidate me into silence.”

The school responded by saying that the choice of shirt was purely coincidental, and that the headteacher’s daughter meant no offence.

‘Promoting gay lifestyles’

The controversy began in June when Heavers Farm Primary School in South East London held a “Proud to be Me” parade.

The angry mother allegedly wanted to keep her five-year-old son out of the event as it contradicted her values by “promoting gay lifestyles.”

She said that children at the school were “being indoctrinated with values that they do not need to be taught at such a young age.”

She kept her son at home while the parade went on, but later said that she felt the school had not accommodated her beliefs.

The mother also hit out at the school for reading children a book about gay penguins – presumably And Tango Makes Three, a 2005 children’s book that has been the source of significant controversy for its depiction of same-sex relationships among penguins.

Teacher wears hilarious shirt in front of mum who complained about LGBT lessons


The Sun reports that another mother at the school said that the word “gay” was not even mentioned at the parade, and that it was about celebrating children’s differences.

The woman has now made an official complaint against the principal for the incident.

She has since moved her son from Heavers Farm Primary school to a Catholic school instead.

In June, a similar story made headlines when a mother from the same school – who wanted to remain anonymous – spoke to Metro about her concerns.

‘Too young’

She said that the school was teaching children about LGBT+ topics without asking parents first.

The woman told Metro that she was “shocked” that her son knew what the words lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender meant, and that he had learned them at school.

At the time, the woman said: “My Year 4 son is just far too young to be learning about all of this. He came home the other day talking about lesbians and transgender people and I was so shocked.

Teacher wears hilarious shirt in front of mum who complained about LGBT lessons


“They haven’t even started sexual education classes yet, but they’re being taught all about LGBT.”

The unnamed mother added: “I’m all for diversity and for children to learn about it, but not in Year 4 when they are incredibly immature.”

In the UK, Year 4 children are usually between the ages of 8 and 9.

In response to that controversy, headteacher Susan Papas defended the “Proud to be Me” parade. She said that pupils at the school learned about a variety of social issues by learning about Black History Month and the Suffragettes.

Papas added that the lessons had taken place as part of a Pride month celebration the school was holding.

Papas said: “We have a number of children in LGBT families, and we feel that it is important that they feel valued in our schools. This work forms a key part of our federation’s vision and values.”