Christian mum who thinks being gay ‘is a choice’ sues primary school over ‘Pride parade’

Pride event primary school Izzy Montague

Izzy Montague, a Christian mother, is taking her child’s primary school to court over a parade held to celebrate kids being themselves.

In June, 2018, Heavers Farm Primary School in South East London held a parade which headteacher Susan Papas said at the time was “a celebration of what makes the children proud”.

She added: “This can be what makes them proud about themselves and or what makes them and their families special.”

Izzy Montague, a Christian mother, said her four-year-old son had been “forced” to participate in the event, which she claimed was “promoting gay lifestyles” and “indoctrinating” children.

“I wasn’t even trying to stop the Pride event. I just wanted my child to receive an education, rather than indoctrination,” she said ahead of the hearing, according to Christian Today.

Montague insisted that the primary school became “antagonistic” towards her when she demanded her son be removed from the parade, and is now taking the primary school to court alleging direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and breaches of statutory duties under the Education Act 1996 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Heavers Farm Primary School has been contacted for comment.

According to Christian Today, Izzy Montague’s case will be heard at the Central London County Court from 14 to 21 July.

Montague is being supported in her legal action by Christian Concern’s Christian Legal Centre, which recently supported a boarding school chaplain who preached to kids that it was “perfectly proper” to say gay sex is “morally problematic”.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said in a statement: “This case epitomises the chaos we can expect to see in the next academic year in our schools and is another example of the ‘totalitolerance’ that has become so prevalent in our society. Those who preach tolerance and diversity the loudest do not appear to be interested in practising it.

“A particular agenda is being forced onto children inside the school gates and parents are being given no means to ensure that their children are being taught in line with their religious and philosophical beliefs.”

Since 2018, Izzy Montague, who later removed her son from Heavers Farm Primary School, has continuously spoken out against LGBT-inclusive education in schools.

She has hit out at a children’s book about gay penguins, which she claimed is “not natural”, and even appeared on Good Morning Britain to debate inclusive education and declared that she believed being gay was “a choice”.