Grandma gifts trans Raggedy Ann doll and wins Christmas

A Raggedy Ann trans doll which has been altered to be a trans man

A grandmother has won Christmas by changing her trans grandson’s childhood toy into a male trans doll—complete with his new name.

The heartwarming gift has gone viral after a user called Gabe posted pictures of it on Twitter with the caption: “So when I was a kid, I had a Raggedy Ann doll given to me by my grandmother.

A tweet by trans man Gabe, explaining that his grandma changed his Raggedy Ann doll's gender to match his

“He’s trans, like me” (Snepblep/twitter)

“It had my birth name embroidered into a heart on its chest. This Christmas, my Grandmother borrowed it and gave it back, now with pants, shorter hair, and my new name sewn in place.”

“He’s trans, like me,” added Gabe, whose post on Christmas Day has attracted more than 130,000 retweets and likes.

The self-described “anxious furry who likes video games and anime” followed this up with photos of even more presents his grandma gave him for on Christmas that acknowledge and celebrate his gender identity.

Trans man Gabe tweeted: "Other name-based gifts I got from my grandmother include: an engraved pocketknife, and this sick t-shirt I'm never taking off"

Gabe was overwhelmed by his grandma’s wonderful presents (Snepblep/twitter)

He wrote: “Other name-based gifts I got from my grandmother include: an engraved pocketknife, and this sick t-shirt I’m never taking off.”

The t-shirt appears to read: “I’m Gabe Doing Gabe Things,” which is just about the most acceptance you could wish for from a relative.

Grandma’s trans doll wins Twitter users’ hearts

The presents made a lot of people well up, with fans commenting: “This is so sweet I’m crying” and “I’m crying I have no idea who you are but I love you and your grandma so much.”

Another user wrote: “I’m legit tearing up right now that is so sweet!”

“It’s so awesome to hear that you have such a supportive grandma. She’s a star”

— @mad_moggyuk

But the majority of replies understandably focused on how wonderful Gabe’s grandma is.

One person tweeted: “Hug your granny from me. Omg I already love her,” while another told Gabe: “Dude I’m so happy your grandmother supports you like this. The Raggedy Andy doll is just so thoughtful. ❤️”

A different commenter said: “Awww it’s so awesome to hear that you have such a supportive grandma. She’s a star.”

Another tweeter who was touched by the gift pointed out that the presents were proof that age is no barrier to acceptance, writing: “This well may be one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. Your grandma is the best.

“And I hope she can be an example for those who say ‘they’re old, from another generation, what can you do?'”

There were other grandchildren who were keen to impress upon Gabe how lucky he was, with one tweeting: “This might be the sweetest thing I’ve seen all Christmas, please cherish your grandmother.

“There are others in this world without grandmothers who care this much! Give her a hug from all of us on the internet!”


— @AlfredArty

And another tweeter said: “Your grandmother is a treasure, ty for sharing this!!!” before a different user wrote: “Tell your gran she’s the internet’s gran now we Stan her.”

Others simply expressed their pure, unfiltered joy at the post, with a 19-year-old trans artist tweeting: “THIS IS THE CUTEST SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN.”

Another said: “SUPPORTIVE FAMILY IS THE CUTEST,” while yet another wrote: “First of all, your grandmother freaking ROCKS and it sounds like the rest of your family does as well.

“What beautiful gifts, I’m genuinely crying! ”

There were also some who saw the posts and were inspired to open up about their own stories, with one writing: “I really feel this. I did a lot of big changes in my life too—including a change in appearance and a name switch.

“Some weren’t immediately accepted by family. When my mum gifted me with a beautiful scarf, it wasn’t just a piece of fabric, it was love and acceptance. ️ “