These are the best LGBT+ Christmas jumpers money can buy this festive season

Three LGBT+ people wearing PinkNews' Christmas jumpers against a pink background

After the year we’ve all had, it can be easy to feel like a sack of coal right now this Christmas.

But that’s why it’s the little things that matter this holiday season, whether a Zoom call with pals to catch-up and drink eggnog or buying a cheeky jumper to giggle over during Christmas Jumper Day (11 December).

So, for those who like to take “make the yuletide gay” very, very literally, we’ve roped together some of our own favourite festive fits that are completely and utterly queer.

Available on Amazon, PinkNews‘ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Christmas jumpers are ones you’ll want to show off with pride this holiday season.

1. HO HO HOMO Sweatshirt, £31.99/$31.99

Want to be out and proud at the dinner table and tick off your weirdly homophobic Aunt Karen who just got into the mulled wine all at the same time? Then buy this Christmas jumper, because annoying conservative relatives, dear reader, is the true meaning of Christmas.

2. I’m the Gay Uncle/Lesbian Aunt/Queer Cousin, £31.99/$31.99

Whether you’re the queer cousin, the gay uncle or the lesbian aunt, Christmas is the perfect time to fully embrace the role that, let’s face it, makes you the most fabulous member of your family. Period.

3. Les Be Jolly sweatshirt, £31.99/$31.99

Les’ be honest, it’ll be love at frost sight with this “Les be Jolly” sweatshirt, decorated with unicorns in the colours of the lesbian pride flag. Red and green is so overrated and overdone, anyway.

4. I’m dreaming of a Bi Christmas, bisexual sweatshirt, £31.99/$31.99

Yule be sorry if you don’t bi one of these cozy jumpers for you (or them) to wear while curled up by the fireplace.

5. Camp as Christmas sweatshirt, £31.99/$31.99 

Who needs subtlety during the one time of year where your house is completely drenched in tinsel and fairy lights? Help spread the Christmas queer with this “Camp as Christmas” jumper and don’t worry, we’ll only say “Christmas” one more time in this sentence.

6. Gay reindeer hoodie, £33.99/$31.99

A hoodie with horns, so careful now, you may get horny wearing it. Perfect for your LGBT+ pals whom you love so deerly, our reindeer jumpers come in a kaleidoscopic array of LGBT+ pride flag-themed colour-ways, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, ace or trans.

7. Gay Apparel sweatshirt, £32.99/$32.99

Well, we guess anything you don is automatically gay apparel. But sleigh the competition with this gay Christmas sweatshirt that’s hard to mistle(toe) – after all, what more do you want out of a jumper that has a glistening unicorn wearing a red bow tie?

8. Have an Ace Christmas sweatshirt, £31.99/$31.99 

We, for one, don’t think it’s at all on the nose (a red one, that is) to say this asexual Christmas jumper is totally ace.

9. Gay rainbow Pride sweatshirt, £31.99/$31.99

Show the world that, yes, despite rumours that you’re a regular Grinch, you really do have a heart with this Chrismas jumper, also available as a hoodie.

For even more LGBT+ themed products, visit PinkNews.Shop and buy some great products, while supporting our LGBT+ journalism.