Non-binary person creates festive safe space for young trans people after hearing ‘awful Christmas stories from trans siblings’

Trans rights

A Trans Winter Wonderland event for young transgender people in London will take place on December 21, supported by a crowdfunding campaign that has raised almost £1,000.

Li Benedetti, a Black Brazilian non-binary person and LGBT+ activist based in London, set up Trans Winter Wonderland after encountering “awful Christmas stories from my trans siblings from all over the world”.

“Everything from being misgendered to being completely isolated from their direct family’s Christmas celebrations,” Benedetti wrote on the Trans Winter Wonderland GoFundMe page.

“Brazil is the most dangerous country for LGBTQ+ people, specially trans people. But even though I live in the UK I still witness a lot of transphobia and violence towards the trans community,” Benedetti said.

They added: “This Christmas I am putting together a space where young (18-25) trans people can get together, have fun, eat good food and be there for each other. A space where we feel loved, accepted and safe, to tackle trans isolation during the Christmas season. The day will be composed of activities such as workshops and clothes swap.

“This event is being organised by a trans person for trans people and it is really important that tickets remain free. I need your help to make this day possible and accessible.”

So far, the crowdfunder has raised £900 – well over its £650 target. Young trans people, including but not limited to trans women, trans men, non-binary and agender folks, in London can register for the 21 December event here.

Tanya Compass, the queer youth worker who is organising Queer Black Christmas – a similar event that will see a safe Christmas space created for young black queers – shared news of Trans Winter Wonderland on Twitter.

“I’ve just donated to @libenedetti incredible Winter Wonderland Party for Trans young people. Li is a young person themself & is creating an incredible space for and by trans people. Please if you can, support them to make it happen! The target is only £650,” Compass said.

It’s easy to see the necessity of events like Queer Black Christmas and Trans Winter Wonderland, after a recent study revealed that more than a quarter of UK adults would feel ashamed to have an LGBT+ child.

One in ten wouldn’t want their child to bring home a same-sex partner, and one in five would worry about how family members would respond to them having an LGBT+ child.