There’s a new gay meme, and it’s extremely sassy

A photo of two women holding hands, overlaid with some examples of a gay meme

It may be past Christmas, but the internet has gifted us with a brand new gay meme, and it’s as savage as can be.

This meme, which rounds off a wonderful 2018 for gay memes, shows the way in which an individual or group of people avoid the simplest or most obvious path in order to take a longer route to their actual solution.

Gay meme users take inspiration from their sexual behaviour

One example is when you’re gay, but your brain ignores the easy option of being attracted to other gay people and instead crushes on exclusively straight people.

You might, as a fan of the meme has written, circumvent “falling for gays who might like me” for the much less fulfilling destination of “falling for straight men who won’t like me.”

Or maybe, like one Twitter user wrote, you’re a “raging lesbian,” but rather than taking the path which leads straight to “another raging lesbian,” you frequently avoid that route like the plague and end up with your sights firmly fixed on “the straightest girl to ever straight.”

Two tweets of a gay meme which took Twitter by storm in December 2018

A couple of wonderful examples of the latest gay meme (Twitter)

Another woman who loves women observed a different habit in herself, using the meme to show her avoiding “talking to cute girls in my dms” to instead land on “complaining about being gay and wanting a girlfriend 24/7.”

Bisexual commenters also got in on the action, with one identifying herself as “me, a bisexual” before showing her path travelling around “acknowledging my sexual attraction to men” to land squarely on her saying: “‘I’m so f**king gay wow I love girls, f**k me UP.'”

TV and film fans love the new gay meme

As ever, enthusiasts have been quick to use the meme in an effort to get their points across about their favourite fandoms.

One such tweeter showed Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Rosa Diaz avoiding “all the hot guys who like her” to get to where she wants to go, which is “being bisexual.”

A fan of the hit lesbian love story Carol—and there were many—displayed “gays” giving “watching a movie they never saw before” a wide berth, in favour of “watching Carol (2015).”

A tweet using a gay meme to demonstrate Brooklyn Nine-Nine character Rosa Diaz's bisexual nature

A user showing Rosa Diaz avoiding “all the hot guys who like her” to get to “being bisexual” (sassy_ghostofstrange/twitter)

Others used the meme to demonstrate their love of ABC show Once Upon a Time, writing that main character Emma Swan routinely avoided “confronting her feelings for Regina” in the now-finished series, instead choosing “gay panic.”

And still more fans made excellent points about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, in which the sexual relationship between Jude Law’s Albus Dumbledore and Johnny Depp’s Gellert Grindelwald is hinted at but never explicitly discussed.

One showed Dumbledore taking a lengthy route around the words “we were completely gay” to instead use the phrase he actually said in the film, which was “closer than brothers.”