Video shows woman calling gay man ‘fag’ in homophobic rant

Gay man Christopher Brown, who was verbally attacked by a woman in a homophobic rant viral video

A woman’s homophobic rant against a gay man at a spa in Lynnwood, Washington state, was captured on camera in a video that has since gone viral.

The video, posted on Facebook on January 3 by the man who was subject to the abuse, shows the woman repeatedly calling him “faggot, sissy, queer” and claiming that he is jealous of her having a “pussy.”

In uploading the video, Christopher Brown explained that he wanted his story to be heard so that the wider population sees how discrimination is still rife against the LGBT+ community.

“I’ve been holding back sharing this, but what kind of social justice warrior would I be staying quiet?,” he wrote.

The video has since received more than 185,000 views and was shared more than 2,000 times.

Woman calls gay man “sissy” and “queer” in viral video

The incident took place at the Casabella Spa & Nails on December 30, according to local media.

Brown explained the confrontation started after he politely asked a woman sitting near him if she could take her mobile off speakerphone.

The woman, whose identity could not be confirmed, then kicked off at Brown, which he recorded on his phone.

Watch the video below (contains explicit language):

In the video, the woman told staff to remove Brown for asking her to turn her phone off loudspeaker, saying: “It’s either him or me.”

She added: “He bothered me for no reason. He harassed me for no reason, telling me to get off of my phone… Keep recording sissy, keep recording because you probably wish you had a c**t like me, right?”

“Know that even in the Seattle region, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for the lgbt community.”

— Christopher Brown

The woman continued in her homophobic rant: “I should show you my parts. Faggot, sissy, queer, fag, eat my pussy, eat it. How’s that fag? Queer. Queer, ’cause you want a pussy?”

PinkNews has contacted Christopher Brown and Casabella Spa & Nails for comment.

Gay man shared viral video to raise awareness of homophobia

Brown invited social media users to share the video widely.

He wrote: “Please take a minute to view and share this, and know that even in the Seattle region, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for the lgbt community.

“I hope her family and friends see this one day, and are embarrassed by her despicable behavior. There is still work to do folks. #resist”