The Weeknd slammed for singing ‘f**k you straight’ on ‘Lost in the Fire’

The Weeknd performs onstage during the 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Field on April 20, 2018 in Indio, California

The Weeknd has sparked outrage over his new song “Lost in the Fire,” with many calling the track “homophobic.”

In his collaboration with French DJ Gesaffelstein, released on January 11, the 28-year-old Grammy winner sings: “You said you might be into girls / Said you’re going through a phase.

“Keeping your heart safe / Well, baby, you can bring a friend / She can ride on top your face / While I f**k you straight.”

The Weeknd causes angry backlash with lyrics

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has faced a furious response to the second single from his album Hyperion, with people calling the lyrics “extremely offensive and homophobic.”

Many have taken offence at the idea that being attracted to people of the same gender is “a phase,” while a large number have registered their outrage at his “f**k you straight” line.

“Female queerness is not a phase. Bi women do not exist for your threesome fantasy.”

— @afatspacebae

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Some have said that it directly supports the concept of corrective rape, which is used in many cultures as a misguided, harmful attempt to change someone’s sexuality.

One such tweeter wrote: “By the lyrics ‘f**k you straight’ it means he’s trying to turn her from bisexual to straight which is corrective rape and him trying to erase her bisexuality.

“It’s not that hard of a concept to grasp.”

Another commenter said: “Yeah, The Weeknd can f**k right off. Female queerness is not a phase. Bi women do not exist for your threesome fantasy.

“Your dick is not conversion therapy. You cannot f**k us straight. What you just described is corrective rape, which queer women are actually threatened with.”

Writer Jill Gutowitz said she “used to joke that listening to The Weeknd was homophobic but the lyrics from his new song ‘lost in the fire’ are actually f**king vile.

“In 2019 we’re still doing ‘f**k you straight’ and calling female queerness a ‘phase?'” she asked.

A tweet condemning lyrics in The Weeknd's song "Lost in the Fire"
Many have criticised The Weeknd for his new lyrics (jillboard/twitter)

“I don’t like cancel culture & I’m not saying ‘cancel the weeknd,’ but these are the kinds of lyrics that f**ked me up when I was younger & subconsciously kept me in the closet.

“So it’s important to talk about and say ‘this is isn’t ok. In 2019 we are not sacrificing female queerness for toxic masculinity.'”

Fans of The Weeknd have renounced him

Many commented that they’ve enjoyed listening to The Weeknd, but can’t stomach “Lost in the Fire.”

One person tweeted: “Considering how much lesbian sex I’ve had while listening to @theweeknd, I’m very disappointed in the gross ‘I’ll f**k you straight’ lyric in his new song.

Recording artist The Weeknd performs on his Starboy: Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour at the AT&T Center on October 19, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas
Even fans of The Weeknd have slammed the star for his song lyrics (SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP/Getty)

“That’s not just homophobic/biphobic,” she added, “it’s also something a lot of us have been directly threatened with by scary dudes.”

Another tweeter commented: “if u know me u know i LOVE the weeknd…. but not after his homophobic new song! the lyrics “I’ll f**k you straight” are disgusting fix this and delete the song @theweeknd.”

And even people who have never been fans of The Weeknd were catapulted to a whole new level of disgust.

One commenter said: “I threw The Weeknd away years ago but hearing his homophobic ass vile song about lesbianism being a ‘phase’ and he’ll ‘f**k her straight’ while fetishising his gf’s sexuality for his own pleasure is enough to put the whole man in a shredder.”

A different user wrote: “@theweeknd’s song is degrading to lesbians everywhere. It’s not a phase. & You can’t f girls straight. disgusted.”