Jazz Jennings had a ‘farewell to penis’ party before surgery

The penis cake made for transgender activist Jazz Jennings, with a tweet overlaid

Jazz Jennings threw a “farewell to penis” party before her gender confirmation surgery—complete with a penis cake.

The transgender activist‘s mother Jeanette had the idea for the celebration, which was screened last Tuesday (January 15), during the latest episode of TLC’s I Am Jazz.

Jeanette explained that she wanted to “do this party because I want to have fun with the idea that Jazz is having surgery.”

“This is not fun, there’s nothing fun about this, but laughter is the best medicine. Jazz is having the surgery; let’s not freak out; let’s say goodbye to her old penis,” said the teen’s mother.

When Jazz’s dad Greg asked her why she couldn’t throw a “new vagina party,” Jeanette explained: “I wanna bake a cake. And I’m not baking a vagina cake.”

Jazz Jennings approved of the “farewell to penis” party

The transgender activist, 18, loved the concept, though her mum overruled her idea for flesh-toned cake frosting, opting for white instead.

“I love making my dad uncomfortable, and if this penis party is gonna do just that, then we gotta have a penis party.”

— Jazz Jennings

Jazz especially enjoyed making her dad feel awkward, with Greg insisting that he would not eat any part of the penis cake.

“This quirky and fun idea seems like a cool thing,” Jazz explained, “but also, I love making my dad uncomfortable, and if this penis party is gonna do just that, then we gotta have a penis party.”

The teenager’s conversation with her dad also produced the episode title, “Caterpillar to Butterfly,” as she told him that she had named her penis “Caterpillar,” and would therefore be calling her vagina “Butterfly.”

Watch Jazz Jennings react to her penis cake:

When the big day arrived and the cake was brought out, Jazz said: “Oh my god,” before giving a heartfelt and hilarious speech.

“I just wanted to thank you all for coming to this farewell penis party,” she told around 20 guests.

“For 17 and a half years, I have lived with this body part that I have not wanted.

“And even though I’ve grown to love my penis for what it is, I’m happy to say goodbye. So let’s cut it off!” she ended, plunging a large knife directly into the smiling penis.

Fans of Jazz Jennings loved the penis cake

Jazz’s followers were delighted with the penis cake, which the activist and reality TV star posted on her Twitter account on Tuesday (January 15).

Nicole Maines, a transgender actress who plays Nia Nal on Supergirl, commented: “Iconic.”

Another fan said “this is hilarious omg,” while a different user wrote: “such a cute penis .”

Others were simply overjoyed for Jazz that she finally had the chance to access the surgery.

One of these fans tweeted: “I’m happy for you Jazz, your one step closer being the Beautiful woman who you were born to be .”

And another wrote: “I think it’s really sweet no pun intended I hope everything goes well with the gender confirmation surgery ☮️ ️‍ .”