Coronation Street: Rana and Kate’s lesbian wedding is on the rocks, says actor

Coronation Street actor Bhavna Limbachia has hinted that her character Rana’s wedding with Kate (Faye Brookes) may not go ahead after all.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Limbachia said that Rana’s mother, who has struggled to accept her daughter’s lesbian relationship, puts a spanner in the works in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street.

Limbachia said that Rana’s brother Imran told his sister that although their mother isn’t yet ready to accept the relationship”if Rana got married in six months’ time, she might be able to accept it and come to terms with it.”

“Imran explains their mum only needs time and he hands Rana this old bracelet that belonged to their grandmother,” Limbachia told Digital Spy.

“Their mother wants Rana to have it.

“When Rana sees this, she is torn.

“She doesn’t know whether to postpone and wait, or just go ahead with the wedding and marry Kate.”

Coronation Street star Bhavna Limbachia: Rana is wondering “whether she has made the right decision”

Limbachia, however, went on to explain that Rana also had her own doubts about the wedding.

“In the back of Rana’s mind, it’s still niggling her whether she has made the right decision,” she told Digital Spy.

“[Fans] are going to be devastated, especially the Kana fandom, because they have followed this journey from day one.”

–Bhavna Limbachia

“Kate is the right person at the wrong time and Rana feels completely lost.

“[Fans] are going to be devastated, especially the Kana fandom, because they have followed this journey from day one.”

Coronation Street to air episodes on Kate and Rana’s lesbian wedding next week

Fans will find out if the couple do tie the knot in Coronation Street during episodes aired on ITV on March 18 and March 20.

Coronation Street lesbian couple Kate and Rana

Rana (left) and Kate in Coronation Street. (ITV)

In April last year, Brookes said that feared that there would be a negative response from fans to Kate and Rana’s lesbian relationship.

“I am enjoying it more because at first I was sceptical when I was handed the responsibility of carrying this storyline, more so for Bhavna because I didn’t know what sort of backlash she would get,” she told The Irish News at the time.

“But it’s all been really positive and that is what Corrie does well,” she added.